Adventures in Sweden

The breeze picks up as we start our adventures in Sweden. My first time in Sweden I was blown away by the nature that overtakes much of the country. Birds chirp wildly as they fly through the trees in the forest and there are lakes spread throughout the country! There is over 97,000 lakes in Sweden. Plus, their water is pretty clear in many areas, which adds to the beauty and it’s drinkable. The nature is what made me fall in love with this country! Oh, and this is my hubby’s homeland. So, that helped us decide to move here around 5 years ago!

Adventures in Sweden
Hovfjallet Nature Reserve

Swedish Traditions

Sweden is a lovely place full of nature and traditions, where the two are combined! The Swedish culture is something you won’t want to miss and you can learn about the holidays or how they celebrate them and how their traditions are. Check it out at Swedish Traditions: Attractive Celebrations and Culture.

Nature in Sweden

As I wander in a Swedish forest, it feels as though I have stepped back in time. I can imagine battles that have happened within the forests, or I think of an unknown magic that wisps in the air. They talk about trolls, elves, and fairies a lot here in Sweden. As I go on adventures in Sweden, I can see why. In the early morning, a foggy dew lingers in the air. My hubby has told me, this is the best time for fairies to come out and hover above flowers or play mischievous tricks on people.

Once I’m surrounded by the nature, all worries disappear. Real life is painted with a brush, as though it is something from my mind and the life surrounded by people is easily washed away. The nature in Sweden can teleport you to some areas that are untouched by man. That alone, can make it feel magical!

Sweden has some ancient forests, the northern lights, and several lakes. You can find many kinds of adventures while you wander through Sweden. If you’re an outdoor lover, then Sweden is the place to be! You’ll fall in love with the wilderness and how a swede’s life is with nature. Check out Discover the Hidden Gems of Sweden’s Nature and learn more about some of the best places to go for Sweden’s nature!


Sweden’s Pristine Lakes

Sweden is filled to the brim with lakes. So, it’s no wonder that many outdoor activities have the translucent and inviting lakes involved. Enjoy a camping, canoeing, hiking, or water sports adventure in the Swedish lakes. You can learn more about these wonderful bodies of water at Sweden Lakes: Take an Escape to the Serene Nature.


When springtime comes many flowers begin to bloom. This is when you can see all the assorted colors of their wildflowers as you enjoy adventures in Sweden. Each province has its own flower representing it within Sweden. The climate and the nature play a huge role on what kind of plants and flowers are in the wilderness. You would think that no flowers could grow and survive harsh weathers on a side of a mountain. But, you would be wrong. The flower, Mountain Avens thrives in the high altitudes. Another mountain loving flower is the moss campion. It has pink petals and stays low on the ground.

Wildflowers on the Kebnekaise Hike

Berry picking

When the sun shines and the days are the longest for the year, it’s the best time to search for wild berries. Throughout Swedish forests, you can find all kinds of delicious berries. My favorite is wild strawberries. They are tiny, but they pack a mouth-watering punch of deliciousness. Lingon berries (Swedish berry) are common to find along with blueberries. Many swedes know how to make their own jam, drinks, pies, and a variety of things with picked berries. If you’re interested in learning more about the berries in Sweden, check out Swedish Summer Berries.

Berry Picking
Berry Picking in Sweden

The Oldest Tree in the World!

The oldest tree in this country is over 9,500 years old! It’s a spruce tree that is in the Dalarna Province. This is the world’s oldest Norway spruce and is named, Old Tjikko. Technically, the tree isn’t that old, but the root system is what makes it so old. Sweden is about 70% covered in forests, which adds to its beauty. Since so much of this land is covered in trees, it makes adventures in Sweden all the more fun! Learn more about this ancient tree at Old Tjikko: A Hiker’s Guide to the Ancient Swedish Tree.

Pine and spruce trees are the common ones in Sweden. Birch is another one that’s well known in the nature. It’s these trees that are very important for Sweden with its forest industry. It creates several jobs and Sweden is a leader in the wood processing industry.


Above all other mushrooms, is the King Mushroom, the golden chanterelle. This mushroom tastes earthy and it goes great in soups or omelets. Swedes get secretive about their mushroom picking spots. So, they might not want to tell you where the good spots are. If you’re planning on picking mushrooms, be sure you know which ones are poisonous. Learn more about Swedish mushrooms at Or pick up a mushroom book to learn about what’s edible in Sweden.

Wild Mushrooms
Wild Mushrooms in Sweden

Sweden Wildlife

While wandering in nature on some adventures in Sweden, you may hear snapping of branches or galloping in the distance. The king of the forest is a moose. You can see them for sure in Värmland Province. Deer are probably the most common to see. But it all depends on where you are in Sweden. Other wild animals here are lynx, fox, boar, wolverine, and a few others. If you want to learn more about the wildlife in Sweden, check out Sweden Wildlife. This article also tells you the best times to see a lot of the wild creatures.

Animals in Sweden

9 Best Animals to See in Sweden Wildlife (Updated)

An Essential Must See: Värmland Moose Park in Sweden (Updated)

Moose Park

In Värmland, there’s a moose park where you get to touch and feed the wild animals! It’s an experience of a life time! While you get to meet the moose, you are informed about the enchanting king and queen of the forests. Learn more about Värmland Moose Park in Sweden. They have hour long guided tours with a moose expert. So you can find out about the Swedish moose and they’re open year round. Click here to get more info!

Varmland Moose Park
Värmland Moose Park

Outdoor Activities

A breeze picks up and once we make it to our destination in the forest, I’m amazed. We hiked to an abandoned mine that has been overgrown. Nature took over its land once again and left it looking like an ancient place. Adventures in Sweden usually happen in the outdoors. You can find all kinds of outdoor activities as you wander through this country. Canoeing is a nice one since there is a lot of water covering Sweden. Nature is sprawled out, so you can find swimming to ice climbing.

Find out more about unique experiences in Sweden. This article tells you about 7 amazing things to see or do in this wonderful country. Learn about the oldest market in Sweden or enjoy the celebration of midsommar. Check it out here.

Interesting Experiences in Sweden

Unveiling the Extraordinary World of the Uppsala Vikings Journey

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Experiences in Gothenburg

Gothenburg Archipelago: A Peaceful Getaway

Gothenburg Botanical Garden- Top European Garden



Almost all of the wilderness here, you can find hiking trails. Swedes love their nature and enjoy being in it. So, it’s not uncommon to find worn paths throughout areas in Sweden. Hiking is my favorite! Especially, since you get to have some adventures in Sweden while you take in the wonderful nature. Check out Hiking in Sweden to learn more about the hiking trails throughout Sweden.

Near Enoks on our way to the Fjällstation (Mountain Station)


As the warmer days begin, the water calls out. It’s time to take to the water and enjoy being surrounded by nature while you paddle in the beautiful Swedish lakes. With over 97,000 lakes in Sweden, it’s no wonder this is a common activity. In the many of the lakes there are islands waiting to be ventured onto. They are called archipelago, which means over 1,000 islands scattered in an area. As you go on a canoe/kayak trip, you can bring a tent and camp out, as long as you have respect for nature and others. There are several canoe/kayak tours throughout Sweden. Check out some that are offered in Stockholm here.

Canoeing Sweden
Canoeing in Värmland

Or check out my article and learn about some great places to canoe in Sweden! Canoeing Sweden will give you some ideas and there are great tours that you can do.


As you go on adventures in Sweden, you might want to camp out. You’re in luck! They have this law in Sweden that lets you do just that anywhere in the wilderness (as long as you are respectful). It’s called, ‘Allemansrätten’ which means the right of public access, or freedom to roam. They have this summed up in a phrase, ‘don’t disturb- don’t destroy.’ Camp out for 2 nights and then begin your adventures in Sweden again. National Parks will have designated areas that you can camp and some don’t allow camping. They will have signs.

Learn more about wild camping. Since there is so much nature in Sweden, it makes it easy to enjoy the wilderness with a backpack and a tent. This article has some good info. on how to go about doing it. Check it out here!


There are several great places you can take to the slopes in Sweden. There are outdoor activities throughout the year in this country since swedes like to stay active. Learn more about some of the best ski slopes in Sweden Ski Holidays. You can learn of cozy cottages for rent and other options here as well.

Sweden ski holidays
Image by Rolf van de Wal from Pixabay

Venture to the Archipelagos

An archipelago consists of many islands in a cluster. There is the Gothenburg archipelago, where you get to take in the beauty of nature on hikes, from the water, or just relax. Be sure to prepare if you want to journey to any of the islands. It depends on the season if the ferries will be going more frequently or not. Check out Gothenburg archipelago to learn more.

Gothenburg Archipelago
Öckerö Island View

There is a great archipelago in Stockholm that you can kayak to and see the wildlife in a different perspective. So epic! Check out that tour here!

Boat Tours

Taking to the water always gives you another perspective. Go on a Stockholm archipelago boat tour and enjoy learning about the royal history and seeing the beautiful lake and islands. Visit a 17th century palace and tour the area where it stands. There are several different kinds of boat tours to choose from and the Stockholm Archipelago article can help you decide if this trip is right for you!


Botanical Garden

One of the best botanical gardens in Europe resides in Gothenburg, Sweden. With around 430 acres of land, there’s a variety of plant life to see. The plants comes from all over the world and they stay in this plant sanctuary. They have greenhouses, a rock garden, herb garden, and several other kinds of gardens that are combined to create this place. You can learn more about it at Gothenburg Botanical Garden.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Gothenburg Botanical Garden

National Parks in Sweden

The National Parks here can take you to untouched areas, which some have ancient forests in them. Some great adventures in Sweden are waiting to be had in the wonderful gems throughout this country. I have been to several so far and each one has wowed me! There’s one that’s near Stockholm that’s called Tyresta National Park. Or you can check out Tiveden National Park that has some fabled stories about a boulder that had been carried there from the ice age period. Overall, there are 30 National Parks in Sweden.

Tiveden National Park
Tiveden National Park

National Parks

Explore Swedish National Parks – Take in Nature’s Beauty (Updated)

  • Abisko
  • Ängsö
  • Åsnen
  • Björnlandet
  • Blå Jungfrun
  • Dalby Söderskog
  • Djurö
  • Färnebofjärden
  • Fulufjället
  • Garphyttan
  • Gotska Sandön
  • Hamra 
  • Haparanda Skärgård
  • Kosterhavet
  • Muddus/ Muttos
  • Norra Kvill
  • Padjelanta/ Badjelannda
  • Pieljekaise
  • Sarek
  • Skuleskogen
  • Söderåsen
  • Sonfjället
  • Stenshuvud
  • Stora Sjöfallet/ Stuor Muorkke
  • Store Mosse
  • Tiveden
  • Töfsingdalen
  • Tresticklan
  • Tyresta
  • Vadvetjåkka

National Parks in Sweden

Nature Reserves in Sweden

There are over 4,000 nature reserves throughout Sweden. These places are created to protect the areas from any human destruction. You can wander through these on trails, canoe/kayak, or there are several other ways to enjoy these nature reserves depending on where it’s at. You can learn more about Hovfjället Nature Reserve here.

If you want to visit a less known nature reserve, then check out Högbergsfältet. This used to be a mining area, so you’ll get to see overgrown mines. Take to the tunnels and explore the opening sanctuary inside! Go off the beaten path in Sweden. There’s the beautiful Glaskogen Nature Reserve in Värmland Province. It’s a great place for an outdoor trip on the water or on the hiking trails. Check it out here!

Nature Reserves

Hovfjallet Nature Reserve
Hovfjället Nature Reserve

Northern Lights

Some of the best spots to see the colorful northern lights are in northern Sweden. You can see these vibrant lights in the beginning of September near Kiruna. Streaks of pinks, blues, and hues of greens dance on the sky as you look up. It’s magical to see the colors scatter across the sky.  The Northern lights best times to see them on clear days is at 6am to 2pm.

But the weather plays a huge part in if you’re able to see them. Another name for these epic lights is Aurora Borealis. You can learn more about this at Aurora Borealis in Sweden.  As well as that, you can learn about some of the best places to see the northern lights in Sweden . Check it out here! Or you can find out more about the best places to see the Northern lights in Sweden.

Northern Lights in Sweden
Northern lights in Abisko National Park, Sweden
Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Visit the Ice Hotel

Some of the best places to see the northern lights is also where you can find the astonishing ice hotel that’s recreated every year and has been the world’s first ice hotel. Learn the best times to visit and find out more things to explore in the area at Visit the Ideal Ice Hotel with the Northern Lights.

ice hotel

Uppsala Castle

The Uppsala Castle is a majestic fortress steeped in history, located in the heart of Uppsala, Sweden. It was built in the 16th century and has served as a royal residence, a military barracks, and a prison over the years. The castle is now a popular tourist destination and offers visitors a glimpse into Sweden’s rich cultural heritage. In this article, you can learn all about this lovely place and its history!

Uppsala Castle
Uppsala Castle

Learn more About Uppsala Vikings

If you have a love for history, then why not venture to Uppsala and get a taste of Uppsala Vikings. There, you’ll find several opportunities that will bring you back in time. Take a jaunt to the museum or venture to the fortress! Learn more about Uppsala Vikings here.

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Adventures in Sweden
Adventures in Sweden

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