Adventure to the Primeval Forest: Bjornlandet National Park (Updated)

At first, the trail we took had boards as the path and it was well kept. But as we hiked farther down one of the Bjornlandet National Park trails, we were engulfed by nature. The trail had turned into a worn in path, where we had to step over roots and rocks that popped out of the ground. Trees and moss surrounded us with each step we took deeper into the park. A tranquil feeling washed over me. There was no one else out here on the trail, but us!

About Bjornlandet National Park

Many of the old pine trees in these primeval forests are about 180 years old, and some are even older! Take a step back into time as you hike through this wonderful wilderness and see how nature is when it’s barely touched by man. Several fires have happened in this enchanting area, which have left scars on many of the trees. The last fire was in 1831 and as you hike the trails, you’ll see some charred stumps and some living trees marked from the rampaging of a fire.

Bjornlandet National Park was used as a reindeer husbandry sometime in the past and within this area is a forest that’s 1,000 years old! It’s from the Viking age and is in Åsele Sami country. Sami people are the natives to Sweden and they mostly reside in northern Sweden.

Bjornlandet National Park Trail
Trail in Björnlandet National Park

Things to Do at Bjornlandet National Park

As you walk through Bjornlandet National Park, you’ll find nice accessible places for people to gather for a fire, or there is a road you can take to Angsjön lake with a rest area and spectacular view. Berry and mushroom picking is okay to do within this park. Plus, you’re allowed to pitch a tent for up to 2 days as well. You should camp out in the designated areas only so you don’t damage the wilderness. Just don’t forget to always be respectful to nature. In addition to that, don’t take the branches off of trees or destroy living plants and animals. During the wintertime, you can go skiing here!


Picnic or Grill Out

Scattered throughout Bjornlandet National Park are areas where you can have a fire. There, the spots have places to rest as well. So, they’re great for a picnic or to cook up some food for a meal. One of the beautiful spots with a view has a place to have a fire that’s surrounded by wooden boards for relaxing places to sit.

Bjornlandet National park Resting place

Bird Watching

Listen to the birds’ melodic chirps as they fly. Calmness will wash over you as you enjoy the view. You’ll might be even lucky to see some of the rare birds that can be found in this peaceful wilderness. The most common bird to see is the great spotted woodpecker hammering away at a tree. Along with that, flocks of willow tit and crested tit sometimes gather in this nature. The early summer is a great time to visit Angsjön lake since the air is filled with an abundance of birds to see.


The crunch of snow can be heard with every step. But this is the best time to see tracks of wildlife in Bjornlandet National Park. The park has several kinds of animals that come through, such as, elks, reindeer, red foxes, martens, and wolverines. There are even other animals, but they’re not so common to leave any trace behind.

Hiking Trails at Bjornlandet National Park

Society felt like a dream as we hiked through Bjornlandet National Park taking in the beauty of the towering trees and green terrain. With each trail, there comes a unique feeling that resonates from the park as you wander down the trail. All of the trails loop and some of them connect, making it easy to switch trails. My favorite trail is Björnberget, where you have to climb up stones and step over roots and loose rocks. There, the view is magnificent! You can see much of the national park as you look down at the pristine lake.

Bjornlandet Hiking trails map
Hiking Trails Map
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1.     Angsjöleden Trail

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 3.7 km- Duration: Approx. 3 hours round trip

This nice trail is marked with red and goes around Angsjö lake. On this trail, there is a great vantage point where you get good views of the lake. You get to become enraptured in the deciduous forest as you hike this trail. Near Angsjö lake, there is a cabin that you can stay in for free. It fits up to 8 people and is open to everyone for use.

Bjornlandet national park

2.     Urskogsrundan Loop

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 2.6 km- Duration: Approx. 1-2 hours round trip

This trail has purple markings and is the old growth forest trail. This is a great trail for a family or people that don’t want to walk so much. There are boardwalks in parts of this path and you get to see the old pine forest. There are signs that inform you about the history of the area. Some of this trail goes over a field of boulders, which is common for Bjornlandet National Park.

Bjornlandet National Park
Purple marking on the tree

3.     Guldbäcksleden Trail

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 7 km- Duration: Approx. 3-4 hours round trip

There are orange markings for this trail. The path goes up and down as you hike up Björnbergets boulders and down into the spruce forest. The hike goes through where there was a fire in 1970. This is another trail that can take you to Angsjö cabin, if you need to rest or just relax.

Bjornlandet National park
Connecting hiking trails

4.     Svärmorsleden Trail

Difficulty: Demanding – Distance: 12 km- Duration: Approx. 6-8 hours round trip

This nice trail is marked with green on signs and on trees. Once you get to the lake, you have a pleasant hut with a fireplace. It’s a great spot to relax and enjoy the wonderful lake as you have lunch! With this trail, you get to experience the variety of nature within Bjornlandet National Park. It feels so enchanting following this path and you get a full days hike.

Bjornlandet National park
Walking the trail

5.     BjörnlandsledenTrail

Difficulty: Moderate   – Distance: 6.3 km- Duration: Approx. 3-4 hours round trip

This trail is the most popular and is my favorite! The view overlooks Bjornlandet National Park and you get a great view of Angsjö lake. On this path, you get to see a lot of the nature since you walk across the park. This trail is marked with blue on trees and signs. Watch your feet on this trail since, at times you need to walk over sprawled out roots and boulders popping from the dirt. The trail goes up a stony hill and once you make it there, then you’re rewarded with the spectacular view! After that, the trail flattens while you walk through a forest. Then you’ll be surrounded by marshes.

Bjornlandet national park
View from Björnberget (the bear mountain)

6.     Rönnlandsrundan

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 4 km- Duration: Approx. 2-3 hours round trip

Yellow markings are used for this trail. It should be noted that this trail is at Häggsjö entrance and loops with a old forest that’s filled with life. Quickly on this path, you go up a mountain and get a spectacular view. As well as a beautiful view, this trail brings you to a nice picnic area. Watch where you step on this trail, there are places that can be difficult with boulders in the path. This connects with Björnlandsleden trail if you want to switch paths.

Best Season to Go to Bjornlandet National Park

As the snow begins to thaw, hibernation ends and life erupts throughout Bjornlandet National Park. Spring and summer time fill with the melodies of birds in the wind and the air gives off a fragrant from newly blooming flowers. This can be the best time to see the park with its lush green on trees and moss. But be wary, in the summer it’s time for mosquitoes! Be prepared and bring a mosquito net or mosquito repellent. Autumn time is great for berry picking and to see the colors changing throughout the park. There are even things to do in the wintertime. That’s the best time to hunt down wildlife tracks or to go skiing in the moonlit night sky.

Bjornlandet national park

My hubby had told me the story of how the natives to this area deal with mosquitoes. He said they would leave kids out for a whole day and they would come inside covered in mosquito bites. After that, mosquitoes don’t bother them, they build up an immunity. That’s pretty brutal! When we visited the park, it was in July, and boy were those mosquitoes huge! They were bloodthirsty and they saw me as a smorgasbord! But the view made up for it, and our visit wasn’t as long as I would have liked it. But my sanity from being bitten was beginning to crumble away.

Parking at Bjornlandet National Park

There are two entrances, both are handicapped accessible, and have parking. Each entrance has a restroom and an information booth. Häggsjö entrance has a resting place and a bonfire spot as well. Angsjö entrance is where there’s a bus stop and of course, Angsjö lake.

Bjornlandet National Park
Information Spot

Recommended Gear

If you decide to venture to Bjornlandet National Park in Spring or summer, it’s a good idea to bring mosquito repellent. That’s the time of season that these bugs come out in hoards. Plus, if you want to take on some of the trails, it’s best to get good hiking boots. Check out Hiking Gadgets to learn about essential gear for hikes in Sweden. A rain jacket is always good to have especially with unpredictable weather. Be sure to have a water bottle with you, that’s an essential item!

There’s even a shop on my website that has some helpful items. There’s also a few article I have written about good gear when it comes to hiking. You can check that out here.

Best Outdoor Gadgets

How to Get to Bjornlandet National Park

The best way to get to Bjornlandet National Park is by driving a car. You can rent a car here. If you’re coming from Stockholm, then you can take E20 and merge onto E4. This will take you most of the way there. You’ll need to take Route 352 towards Västerbottens län. For more detailed directions, check out google maps. From Stockholm to Bjornlandet National Park, it will take you about 7 hours.

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Helpful Information for Traveling to Bjornlandet National Park

While you travel in Bjornlandet National Park, it will help if you have a brochure. You can get these at both information center at the entrances. Or take a photos of the map from the one of the entrances with your phone. This will help you know which trail is which and some of the things that you’ll see in the beautiful park.

Bjornlandet National park

Hiking in Sweden

There are amazing trails throughout Sweden, check out Hiking in Sweden to learn more about them. There are some of the more known trails and more information about how it is to hike in Sweden. Learn about the dos and don’ts when you’re hiking in this country full of nature. Check it out here!

Hiking Sweden

Adventures in Sweden

There are loads of different outdoor adventures you can have in Sweden. Canoeing or kayaking are a great one since there are lake everywhere! Or you can check out more National Parks in Sweden. Check out Adventures in Sweden to learn more. The nature province of Värmland is where you can even meet moose up close and personal! Click here for more!

Adventures Sweden


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