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The buzzing of cars quieted as we walked farther into the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, nature overtook us. Everything was in full bloom and all colors and hues surrounded my mom and I. It was such an enchanting place, especially in the beginning of July. This botanical garden is one of the larger one in Europe, making it 175 hectares (around 430 acres) of maintained and nurtured wilderness. It has a variety of plants and flowers to see that come from around the world.


Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Map of the Botanical Garden

Is it Free?

Yes! This makes it open to anyone to visit. But they do take donations. Donations have played a huge role in financing the garden. It has been independently ran and now Västra Götland Regionen takes care of it. Go and check out over 16,000 different species throughout the garden. This place can wash away any worries and help you relax. If you want to venture into the greenhouses, it costs 20 kronor (free for 18 years and under).

Tour and bus companies must pay 20 SEK per person for the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.


Gothenburg Botanical Garden


Are Dogs Allowed?

Dogs are allowed only certain times of the month when the flowers are not in bloom. March 1st – September 30th dogs are NOT ALLOWED in the park. This is when it is vegetation time for some of the plants and other parts in the park have exotic plants that they need to protect. Dogs can go in certain parts, but other areas in the garden will be marked if it’s not okay for a dog to go through. Be considerate and pick up after your dog. They want to preserve this amazing place and keep it welcoming for everyone.


With arms wide open, dogs are ALLOWED into the Gothenburg Botanical Garden October 1st– February 28th. Run free and enjoy taking in the beauties of this elegant place. At this time of season is when most of their fragile plants are hibernating. So, this makes it okay to let your loving furball come on a walk through the park.


Gothenburg Botanical Gareden
Sitting bench in the Garden

Relax at the Café

There’s a relaxing spot with tables and chairs spread out through wonderful plants and flowers. It gives you the feeling that you’re in a little hideaway since many of the spots you’re surrounded by greenery. You can check out the times and the food that’s offered at the café’s website (It’s in Swedish).

Best times to go

Gothenburg Botanical Garden is open year-round, and they have events going on throughout the year. The best seasons to go is late spring early summer. This is when many of the flowers outside are in bloom and parts of the garden become filled with a flowery scent in the air. The greenhouses stay busy year-round with plant life since they can maintain the temperature.


Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Herb Garden

Opening Times

It’s open at 9am every day and when the sun goes down, that’s when it closes. The greenhouses have their own schedule. It varies on time of season or if it’s a holiday.

Greenhouses Times: 10am-5pm May- August, 10am- 4pm September- April

What is there

A variety of plants are here that will make you feel like you have been transported another place. There are a few greenhouses, rock garden, herb garden, and a farmer’s garden. Walk down a path and into a forestry area. Trees will surround you that are from other countries.  From greenhouses to a rock garden, you can see all kinds of plant life. If you want to learn about each area, check out this link.

It takes you to the Gothenburg Garden website.


Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Antirrhinum majus ‘Rocket Bronze’ Flower



You need to check the events to see if they have any tours or check out at the shop when you get to the Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Otherwise, you can have a self-guided tour with Downloading the Botaniska app. It will take you on a journey through the main parts of the area. Or you can go out and explore the viewpoints surrounded by ferns and lush moss.

Information About Gothenburg Botanical Garden

The internet makes it easier to prepare your trip to this gorgeous place. You can get a brochure in several languages on Botaniska.com. They have the app on here as well if you want to do a walk through the garden and learn more about the plants.

Check out the Gothenburg Garden website to learn about the events and what’s happening there.


Address: Carl Skottbergs Gata 22A
Stop: Botaniska Trädgården
Phone: +46317411101
E-mail: botaniska.tradgarden@vgregion.se
Website: http://www.botaniska.se/

How to get there

It’s hard to believe this lovely green sanctuary is located near the center of Gothenburg. But this is what helps it to be easy to get to. There are several ways that you can reach the Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Public transportation makes it easy to get here. Your options are to take a tram, bus, a car, or walk (depends where you are).


Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Leading to the Rock Garden

Trams to Gothenburg Botanical Garden

The trams that go to the stop, Botaniska Trädgården are numbers 1, 2, 7, 8, or 13. Once you get off at this stop, you need to cross the road and take a left. This is about 400 meters away from the main entrance.

Buses to Gothenburg Botanical Garden

The bus system runs pretty smoothly. Take the buses with these numbers, 16, 42, 52, 87, 760, 764, or 765 to Annedalskyrkan. From there it’s about 300 meters away. The street to the main entrance is Carl Skottsbergs Gata.

Driving a Car to Gothenburg Botancial Garden

These are directions from Gothenburg’s Central Station. The fastest route will take about 20 minutes. Get on Lundbyleden. Take the exit, Högsboleden. Stay on this and at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Slottsskogsgatan. The next roundabout take the 1st exit to get onto Margretebergsgatan. Take a left to get onto Carl Skottsbergs gata, which takes you to the Gothenburg Botanical Garden. There is parking right outside the main entrance and you have to pay for parking.

Check out Google Maps for directions.

Gothenburg Botanical Garden Address: Carl Skottsbergs gata 22A, 413 19 Göteborg

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Gothenburg Botanical Garden
Gothenburg Botanical Garden


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Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Gothenburg Botanical Garden


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