The Best Hiking Gadgets that you Could Ask For

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Do you Need New Cool Hiking Gadgets?

You’ve come to the right place for cool hiking gadgets! All the gear I have on here, I, personally have used. I only recommend items that I have tried out myself. My life has been on the go for around 5 years now. But my home base is Sweden (I’m originally from USA). It has been necessary for me to have durable gear that can withstand me. I’m not delicate with my stuff, so it has to be able to handle that. As I wander and backpack through all kinds of weather, one thing that is needed, is a rain jacket! That’s something that time and time again has helped me out. Having a rain cover for your backpack is a definite need as well. Here, I will tell some of the pros and cons of items that I have enjoyed with my camping, hiking, and wandering in different countries.


Misfit Wanders Shop

I have my own shop on here, where I offer great hiking gadgets and other gear for traveling. There’s even items that you can use in your daily life. You can check them out here. I have written an article that breaks down some of the items as well. Check out The Best Gadgets: Misfit Wanders Gear.

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Outdoor Gear By Season

You can check out Outdoor gear you might need depending on the season. Look at this article that’s about just that! Click here! There’s even an article that’s dedicated to winter gear. Check it out here.

Best Hiking Gadgets to Use

I break down some of the best gear that I have used while traveling and going on outdoor adventures. These items I recommend since I have experience with them. I hope these help you on your next journey into the wilderness!

Winter gear

Women’s Marmot Rain Jacket

My hubby and I have had our Marmot rain jackets for about 5 years now and they’re still rocking it! They’re lightweight, so they’re easy to pack in a backpack and don’t take up so much space. Recently, we found out that this rain jacket, can’t be cleaned with hot water since my hubby’s jacket got some hydraulic oil on it. He’s trying to be a handy man in the wrong clothes… Mine looks a bit rough too but not so bad. If you’re planning an adventure to a place that has unpredictable weather, it’s best to have a rain jacket to be on the safe side. This is a one of the cool hiking gadgets that you should have since it’s so helpful! I haven’t had any bad experiences with my jacket, so personally, I’d say go for it! Sweden is one of those places that’s known for the weather quickly changing to it’s a good hiking gadget to have.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to pack
  • Keeps warmth in

Click here to check it out!

Sundbergs trail with my hiking gadgets
Sundbergsleden trail

Osprey Daypack One of the Best Hiking Gadgets

Now, this is a great brand! I have used this on several hikes while I wander through Scandinavia. This brand has great hiking gadgets and they’re super durable. I have two different backpacks, one that’s 24L that I use as my backpack while I hike longer treks and wander to other countries. Then, I have my daypack for shorter hikes and just for daily use in Sweden.

The only fall back I have found with these are that the daypack doesn’t have a strap to hold the water bottles in place on the side (but I have an older model). So, I end up losing water bottles. The same goes for the bigger backpack I have (an older model). That one is the culprit for me having to replace my water bottles. Both of these bags I’ve had 4-7 years and they’re barely broken in. Well, except that I have an odd dog that decided to chew a little on my daypack. But still, Osprey backpacks are some of the cool hiking gadgets that I have.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Different sizes
  • Everyday use/Long trips

Learn more here!


Best Scandinavian Backpacks

If you’re not sure what kind of bag would work best for you, then check out Scandinavian backpacks. I talk about the best brands that have been regarded as great quality and durability. Check it out here! It’s helpful to have something to hold all your cool hiking gadgets while you hike.

Scandinavian backpack
Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

Multi-Use Headband, Several Hiking Gadgets in One

I’m writing this now with mine on around my neck. This is one of the cool hiking gadgets that has come in handy in all kinds of weather. You can use it around your neck, or cover your ears on a windy day. Use it in the heat dripping wet to cool you down. Or you can use it as an extra coverage for your neck or ears. If it gets really bad outside, you can even use it to cover your mouth and nose. Handy dandy scarf/headband for sure because I use it when I plow snow and when I go on any kind of hikes. Multi-use is the way to go with this.

  • Use in any type of weather
  • Keeps you warm
  • Uses: Headband/scarf/ ear cover/ face mask
  • Different styles

Check it out here!

Beyond Beanie Hats

Have you ever wanted to get something that helps others? Well, Beyond Beanie has locally made hats from Bolivia. Each hat is signed by the woman who created it. One hat gives 5 meals to a kid in need in Bolivia. Plus, it gives jobs to women who create the hats. These are some great pros for getting this hiking gadget. They have other items but I have just tried the spring and winter hats oh and some of the bracelets too. If you plan on traveling to Bolivia, you can tell them and meet the lady that made your hat or even learn how to do it yourself. Pretty sweet, huh!? You can check out Beyond Beanie and see what other things they have to offer. Each item they have gives back in some way. Check it out!

Use the 25% off code: JAMES77

Hiking gadgets Beyond Beanie
Beyond Beanie Hat
  • Winter hat/Summer hat
  • Locally made in Bolivia
  • Buying one gives 5 meals to a Bolivian kid
  • Creates jobs for women
  • Goes to a good cause

Never Hike without a Water Bottle

Every time I plan on hiking, I have to make sure that I have a water bottle with me. Quenching that thirst is a life saver on those longer treks. As you know, I have an issue with losing water bottles, so I buy two at a time. Originally, I was being nice to my hubby and would give him one. Then I would lose mine and have to reclaim the one I gave to him… He just lets it happen now. He knows how I am! I have tried out Contigo many times and found that I like the metal bottles the most.

They are durable no matter how many times you drop them. Plus, with the metal bottles, you don’t have to worry about plastic and the issues that come with it being made out of that. These water bottles are some of the best hiking gadgets to have as you hike trails. Contigo is pretty cheap to buy and come in different sizes. They’re made to be spill proof and be 100% BPA free. They are trying to stay Eco-friendly, which is great for us and the environment!

  • Durable
  • Different sizes
  • Stainless steel

Click for more info!

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Hiking Boots are a Hiking Gadget MUST!

So, when I was in Peru (my first solo international trip) I thought, I’ll be fine with these $20 shoes. Well, I walked them to their death! As I hiked Colca Canyon in the heat, my shoes began melting! Literally! It was crazy, and my feet were not thrilled in the slightest. So, when I say having good, durable shoes when you hike, it is a MUST. When I got my first good shoes for hiking, they were Salomons. I felt pain in parts of my feet that I never knew of. After a few days of using them, my feet got used to them and it was like walking on clouds! I walked faster and didn’t even realize it until my mom would yell, “Slow down!” The pains I had came from not wearing proper shoes. So those muscles weren’t use to being used. I strongly suggest having some dependable shoes as your cool hiking gadgets on your next outing.

Kil Hike
Dani hiking in Kil, Sweden with Salomon running shoes

Keen Winter Boots

When it comes to shoes or boots, I now will spend more for the comfort and durability. Recently, I have had Keen Hoodoo III. They have been great winter boots. But mine are now retired. After 5 years, their waterproof capabilities are not so great. Plus, the inside for the heels began cutting into my ankles. They were great while they lasted. They can take on weather in -35F below and still be warm. The only downside is that they use a zipper on the sides and I think that’s why mine are leaking in water. But if you enjoy playing in the snow, then they’re what you’re looking for!

  • Ankle protection
  • Keeps warmth inside
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Good traction
  • Handles -35F Below

Learn more here!

Sweden Ski Holidays
Dani James (me) winter hike in Värmland county

Oboz Hiking Boots

As of now, these are my daily boots. I use them for hikes and for going anywhere. They’re comfy and durable. I’ve had mine for 4 years now and still no issues. I was a little leery with the color, but now, I’m really loving them! The crimson red makes them stand out but not too much. They fit the feet nicely and are not too clunky looking, so you can wear them with shorts or pants. They give good support to the ankles while not covering them fully. It has pretty good traction to stones and other terrain you can come across while hiking. A great hiking gadget to have.

  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Good traction
  • Good support

I love these boots! Check them out here!

Dani in Bosnia with her hiking boots

Spork for Mealtime is a great Hiking Gadget

At first, I was leery about sporks, thinking they’re weird. But then I tried it out, and now I go nowhere without mine. This cool hiking gadget is in my backpack ready for when I’m on the go. Plus, it’s BPA free. Since it’s a spork, you can use it practically for any kind of food. I think that’s why I like it so much. But the bad thing I had ran into, is that it can break in your bag. That’s happened to me a couple of times. So, it helps buying the pack. If this last one of mine can’t handle me, I’m going to get the titanium spork version of it instead.

  • Multi-use
  • 12-pack
  • BPA free
  • Packs easily

Learn more about it at Amazon.

Backpack to Carry your Furry Pal

My dog is getting older. So he can’t do the hikes as he used to be able to. At 14 years old, he gets to ride in a backpack on my back or my hubby’s. We take turns on the hikes and sometimes, our doggie falls asleep on our backs. It seems he’s fine with it. It was hard finding a backpack big enough for our Australian cattle dog.

But we found one that works. He fits in it pretty well, we just can’t zip it up on his back all the way. It gets the job done though! It’s just like a backpack where the dog’s hind legs go inside. So it’s like they’re sitting inside the backpack. Their front paws go on the carrier’s shoulders or inside, while the dog gets to look forward. It’s especially great if you have a smaller dog than ours. They make the backpacks in medium to small sizes. This, for me turned into one of the best hiking gadgets I have!

  • Durable
  • Sides let air get in
  • Zips from the back
  • Has side pockets and back pocket

Check it out!

Carry your doggie!

Hiking with Insurance

It’s hard to foresee the future, so when hiking, it’s good to prepare for the unknown. Especially if you travel to another country to hike. Coronavirus will soon be covering the world. Travel insurance is a hiking gadget must! Get travel insurance that will cover you as you hike new nature areas. It will take the stress away having that in your pocket if anything happens to you while hiking. If you wanna learn more about travel insurance, check out my page. There, you can learn more about the company WorldNomads that I use regularly as I travel to other countries. They’re relatively cheap, so it won’t break your bank. That’s always a plus!

Glaskogen Nature Reserve
Glaskogen Nature Reserve

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