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Now, you may be wondering, what is an NFT? NFT stands for Non-fungible token. I know, that doesn’t explain anything. Well, what it has turned into is a digital way to collect things. For example, artwork or cards.  There are people out there that have been using it as a way to make cars similar to Pokemon cards with stats and everything. Others have made characters like for a game or even weapons. Then there are people that have used it as a way to get their artwork out there, like me!

NFT Art Collection

This is the new age art collector’s dream. They can have whatever kind of artwork they find on the websites with the NFTs, just as long as they pay for it. This doesn’t mean that the owner loses rights to their artwork. But what the collector gets is a unique code showing that they are the owner of that specific one. There’s more to it, but I hope this helps clear it up a little.

So, what I’m working on is turning my photographs into NFTs. This is the page where I will show them off to the world, along with being on my social media platforms, Discord, and other websites such as NFT Calendar.

The NFT photography will be sold either on Opensea or Rarible.

Both of these platforms are some of the best for NFTS. So, if you’re a collector or you’re just interested in seeing what it’s all about, then check out these websites.

The digital world is knocking on everyone’s door. Soon NFT will be known and possibly a new currency. Crazy to think huh!?

Below, you will find my NFTs. Right now, I only have one NFT. But I plan on working on creating more NFTs.


Croatia Hike
View in Croatia

This photo is from my Croatia Collection that is on OpenSea. This view was a spectacular hike that not many tourists seem to know about. Which made it even better! I don’t like being surrounded by tourists. I would rather be with the locals, and get a real feel of how it actually is in the place that I’m traveling in. So, check this NFT out on OpenSea especially if you’re a collector because they will be gone fast!

Bird eye CroatiaHeBird eye Croatia

Here’s yet another from my Croatia collection. You can see that they have old buildings that give the whole atmosphere a mystic feeling. This is something that rings true throughout this country. It’s such a mystifying place. Click on the photo to learn more or to buy it.

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