The Best 7 Unique Experiences in Sweden (Updated)

A snort came out of the furry animal as I began petting his head. His antlers were large and made him look powerful. This was just one of the unique experiences in Sweden you can have. Be transported to a time where there is a ball at an artsy castle or hike through the past and take in overgrown mines. There’s even one of the longest suspended bridges in Europe that you can see at the high coast.

One sunny day, my hubby and I went out for delicious ice cream at Mormors Glasscafe. The spectacular view made the ice cream melt faster in my mouth and added to the amazing tastes. There is a market that’s over 400 years old that you can see if you visit Sweden when it’s happening. In the summertime, one of the greatest celebrations in Sweden happens. That’s when midsummer (midsommar) is celebrated with flowers and maypoles. There is a lot of partying and it can last for days. But it’s definitely fun and it’s some unique experiences in Sweden that you can enjoy!

1.     Högbergsfältet- Nature Reserve

Take a hike into another world as you venture through abandoned mines that now are overgrown. Lush plants are throughout the open mine that was once used as a way to get the ore that was mined out. This nature reserve has the pristine lake Yngen that follows many of the trails. There are great places for a picnic or even grill spots. If you want to learn more about Högbergsfältet, check out my article off the beaten path in Sweden. I took a second look as I saw Tilas Stoll mine for the first time! It’s an epic place to visit. Check it out here!

off the beaten path in sweden

2.     Tjoloholm- Epic Castle Near Gothenburg

The wind picked up and felt like it was fighting us. But we finally came closer to the castle and I was filled with amazement. It towers high up and has a well-maintained gigantic yard, where some of it is used as a vegetable garden. You can have unique experiences in Sweden at this beautiful castle that’s near a crystal blue lake. Behind the castle are other gardens and each one is nicely taken care of. You can learn more about this wonderful place at Tjoloholm’s website. They have tours through the castle, but you need to pre-book.

Unique Experiences in Sweden Castle
tjolöholm castle

3.     High Coast Bridge

The high coast bridge is also called Veda bridge. It’s the fourth longest bridge in Europe and it’s suspended! You can drive over it or get a great view of it in the distance. Seeing this and driving on one of the longest suspension bridges are some of the unique experiences in Sweden you can have. There’s also a long trail that’s called the High Coast trail and there, you get great views of nature! Check out High Coast Bridge and find out more about this.

High Coast Bridge
High Coast Bridge

4.     Have Unique Experiences in Sweden at the Jokkmokk Market

The snow sprinkles down and brings a glow to northern Sweden. This is the time where you can have some unique experiences in Sweden! Jokkmokk Market is over 400 years old! Here, you can see reindeer and all kinds of little shops on the street. Thousands of people come here from across the world and their languages reverberate through the air as you pass market stalls. The area is filled with life and this is a place where Sami people meet.

Unique Experiences in Sweden
The start of Jokkmokk town

Since this has been going on for so long, it takes you back into history and you get to learn more about the culture in this place. This market usually starts on a Thursday in February and lasts for days. Be sure to have plenty of clothes on because it can get quite cold in northern Sweden.  Underlayers will help keep your heat in and a thick waterproof jacket will keep you nice and toasty.  You can learn more about it here!

5.     Mormor’s Glasscafe

The sun beats down and a nice breeze picks up cooling the air. Cheery voices echo in the wind and several dogs hang out near their masters with the tongues lolling to one side. There are tables sprawled out in the green lawn on a small cliffside. Below is the blue translucent lake Fryken that has wooden stairs going down from it. Mormor’s Glasscafe is a welcoming place with great views of nature. Come with friends and family and enjoy the mouthwatering ice cream desserts for people and they even have a special kind for dogs! For the little kids, there is a playground and down by the lake is a nice beach.

Unique Experiences in Sweden at Mormor's Glasscafe
Ice Cream at Mormor’s Glasscafe

Check out Mormor’s Glasscafe. This is one of my favorite places to visit! It’s a great place to go and celebrate! My hubby and I went here recently for our sixth-year anniversary. Woohoo, it’s a whole meal of ice cream! I definitely couldn’t come here more than special occasions. I have no control when it comes to their sweet treats! Check out this Mormor’s Glasscafe in Lysvik, Sweden.

6.     Värmland Moose Park

The king of the forest trots up the the open part of the wooden fence. Furry brown antlers stood tall on his head. In the distance with two smaller moose following behind her is the queen of the land. Her snout took in the smell and her ears turned in every direction listening to all the sounds. As I fed the queen pellets, I watched her nose scrunch up and I could feel my hand being covered in slime! Her big brown eyes stare at me and wait patiently for me to give her more of the pellets.

Varmland Moose Park in Sweden
Varmland Moose Park in Sweden
Lotta the moose at Varmland Moose Park

At this amazing park, you get to learn about moose by a moose expert while you get to pet and feed the huge animals. These are a one of a kind, unique experiences in Sweden you can have! I’ve enjoyed it so much, that I’ve visited here a couple of times and each time I learned more. The first time, I was lucky enough to see a baby that was only a couple of weeks. The next time I went, that baby had become 2 years old and is huge but still growing! They have a nice gift shop where you can get something to remind you of the place. Learn more about this Moose Park here.

7.     Celebrate Midsommar with the Locals

Joyous laughs overtook the sky as several people danced around the maypole. Girls frolicked around with flower halos on their head as a melody boomed to life from the band. Some people had traditional Swedish clothes on as they danced with a partner. I never even knew about this holiday until my Swedish hubby took me here for my first visit of Sweden.

Unique Experiences in Sweden
Celebrating Midsommar

The unique experiences in Sweden I had at this celebration was like no other. We danced around a maypole until we were exhausted, and sleep was almost nonexistent. It was party after party and the sun went down for only a couple of hours! That alone, was crazy to me! Everyone is so friendly and has contagious grins on their faces. If you want to see and experience a culture and a tradition of Sweden, then you need to visit when Midsommar is happening in the end of June. Check out and learn more about this holiday!

Unique Experiences in Sweden
Carrying the maypole

I should mention that the movie Midsommar is NOT how it is in Sweden. I’ve seen that movie and I joked with my friend saying it was me (since my name is Dani), and a story of my life in Sweden. This celebration is about nature coming to life. Flowers blooming and everyone comes together.

Adventures in Sweden

Unique experiences in Sweden are in abundance. There are all kinds of adventures you can have in the beautiful outdoors. Take to the lakes and go canoeing or find some of the great hiking trails scattered throughout the country. There are islands you can go to and have some great adventures! Check out Adventures in Sweden to learn more.

Unique Experiences in Sweden
Rörö Island


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