An Essential Must See: Värmland Moose Park in Sweden (Updated)

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We were led to a grassy field by our tour guide. In front of us laid moose antlers of all sizes. This was the beginning of our adventure learning more about moose and getting up close and personal with them at Värmland Moose Park in Sweden. It is an eye-opening place, where you find out how moose are in the wild and at this park, they try to help the moose feel as free as they can! Look into the eyes of a moose while you get to feed it and pet it. It’s an experience of a lifetime! I have been here 3 times now and the season you visit can give you a whole new look on the moose.

Varmland moose park in sweden
Moose Antlers at Värmland Moose Park


Once you make it to the time your tour is at, you quickly dive into information given to you by your moose expert tour guide. He will tell you about a moose’s antlers and how they naturally come off. Scattered on the ground are all sizes of antlers that after the tour you can take great photos with and pretend to be a moose! There’s so much information to take in as we listen to our tour guide divulge about the enchanting moose of Sweden.

Our group follows the welcoming tour guide into where we meet the moose. When we visited, the female moose we only allowed to be seen. But this didn’t take away any of the experience. Our tour guide explained to us that he believes it’s the women moose that are the true kings, since they protect the babies and find food. While the moose wandered to us on the other side of the fence, my eyes began to twinkle. It felt so exciting! Food was given out to us and we were allowed to feed them and touch them as our guide explained more thoroughly about the wild animals and how you can’t act like this with a moose out in nature.

Varmland Moose Park in Sweden
Lotta the moose at Värmland Moose Park

The tours are usually in English, but they can be in Swedish as well. It depends on the group and where people are from.

This tour is an experience that is well worth it!

Book a tour here!


Our moose expert told us about how great swimmers moose are. I was shocked since they look a bit awkward to me. They can hold their breath for a minute and dive 6 meters down! What?! Plus, they love to swim. Värmland Moose Park in Sweden will go over just about everything on moose. If you have any questions during the tour, they want to hear them. I have visited this lovely park two times now and the first time we saw a baby that was only two weeks old! As you reach out to touch a moose, don’t forget, they are a wild animal and you NEED to be careful. Have respect for these beautiful creatures.

Varmland Moose Park in Sweden
Feeding Lotta the moose

Värmland Moose Park Company

These guys have been working hard on taking care of their moose while keeping it a fun and friendly place for the whole family. The tour guides have a respect for the moose and talk about them lovingly to the tour groups. With wide open arms, they invite everyone that wants to visit this spectacular park and have an experience that they will remember for the rest of their life! Check out Värmland Moose Park in Sweden! You can see photos and videos about the adorable moose on their facebook page. Click here to check it out.

Varmland Moose Park
Visited in October 2022 with the Family

Cost and the Schedule

The schedule has been made smaller due to the season. As of now, the park is limited to see and you’ll only get to visit half of the park. During the fall season, it’s mating season. So you’ll see a female with a male moose on either side. The males are known to be a bit more aggressive during this season. But as long as you act submissive towards them and they have a female moose in their cage, everything should be fine. Värmland Moose Park in Sweden is open year-round! So, even in the winter you can visit the kings and queens of the forest!

Värmland Moose Park is only open on Wednesdays & Sundays during the fall. They have one tour on one of those days at 11am. Each of the tours take up to an hour or so depending on how many people are there. But their schedule changes with each month. So, check up on their website to book a time to see moose!

Varmland Moose Park in Sweden
Feeding a year old moose

The ticket price for the tour depends when you’re visiting and if you’re an adult, senior, student, or child. The price is in Kronor, (Swedish money). As of now, the conversion of 200kr to US dollars is about $17.90 (from Oct. 2022). This gives you a better idea on the price if you’re from the states.


Adults200Kr – (100kr summer)
Children (5-14 years old)100kr – (50kr summer)
Senior (65 years old +)175kr – (85kr summer)
Student (ID)175kr – (85kr summer)

Book a Time to Visit!

In order to go on a tour, you must book a time and you can do that online at This is where you can find out about the other activities the Värmland Moose Park in Sweden offers and places that you can camp. They keep it up to date if something new is happening with the park. Be sure to arrive on time for your tour. They close the gates and start the tour with or without you since there are other people in the tour group.

Varmland Moose Park in Sweden
Moose Tour

Where is it Located?

Värmland Moose Park in Sweden is in the wonderful province of Värmland in the town of Ekshärad. This is about 4 hours away from Stockholm if you’re driving to it. This would be the quickest way to get there. Rent a car here. Or you can take local transport. But that will take you over 15 hours-19 hours. If you do decide to take the public transportation, you might want to look into staying the night near Värmland Moose Park in Sweden. They offer a camping place that has places for tents, cabins to rent or places to hook up motor homes. You can check out the camping site here.

October 2022 Visit

How Can I Get to Värmland Moose Park in Sweden?

If you’re driving a car from Stockholm, these are the directions for you. Be sure to get on E18, then start following the signs for Route 66. After about 55km take a left to get onto Route 245. Then turn a left to get onto Route 26. Then take a right to get onto 245 then onto Route 246. Take a right onto Route 62 to Värmland Moose Park in Sweden. It’s best to use google maps to get a more detailed explanation on getting there. Check out google maps.

If you plan on taking the public transportation, then check out google for more information.

Other Adventures in Sweden

If you want to explore more of the fun outdoor activities in Sweden then check out Adventures in Sweden. There, it will explain about berry picking, canoeing, and some of the amazing places to see in wonderful Sweden. Learn more here!

Adventures Sweden

Northern Lights in Sweden
Northern lights in Abisko National Park, Sweden
Photo by David Becker on Unsplash

Hiking in the Nature of Värmland

Värmland in Sweden is known for its nature. So, what better place to go on a hike than in Värmland! You can find out about great trails at Hiking Värmland. Learn about some beautiful places where you’ll be surrounded by nature! Click here for more information on it!

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Varmland Moose Park in Sweden
Varmland Moose Park in Sweden


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