Passion in a New Country (Updated)

October 3, 2019 | Posted by misfitwanders | Lifestyles, South Dakota, Sweden, Time, Traveling, USA

At first, it was hard adjusting to taking the big leap I had done. I moved to Sweden, where my hubby’s from. That first year was the worst for me. All of my family was lives in USA. So it’s not like I could easily visit them. Passion in a country can be hard. Especially if you don’t know anything about the culture, language, or customs.

As time progressed, I realized that my man’s family has taken me in as one of theirs. They have been helpful when I needed a hand, or just someone to talk to. That overwhelming feeling of being lost slowly disappeared.

Our daily forest walk behind our house in Sunne, Sweden

Passion Erupts

More than anything, my hubby wanted me to feel accepted and enjoy it in his homeland. His dream is to build a house for his family. That passion is what I have misplaced. But after half of the first year, I began following my passions again and found a passion in the country.

My hands frantically took over a notebook, and my writing began again. When I’m writing, it’s like I open doors that have been locked for ages. Knowledge is power and with writing, it can be acquired. At least this is something that I believe.

One of our cats on our family walk

A passion I’ve had for a long time is helping nature, animals, and others. With how the world is nowadays, we are in dire need for more people like that. There are little things that anyone can do that will help all of us. For example, I have started this website that’s dedicated to the outdoor world, especially outdoor adventures. Which I believe will help others with new experiences and enjoy new and exciting activities!

Ways to help the environment, animals, and people:

  • Recycling
  • Compost
  • Have a veggie garden
  • Fix and reuse clothes
  • Bicycle when you can
  • Use transport systems (train, bus, etc.)
  • Try to give back to the community (volunteer, pick up trash)

All of these can help all of us. Our earth is going through some tough times right now and we aren’t giving her a break! Think before you decide to litter or before you think of throwing away clothes.

Give into your Heart

There are many people in the world with nothing. You can donate clothes. Recycling can save the sea life and animals in the nature. Having your own veggie garden will help reduce the chemicals going back into our ground. You get to decide what goes on your plants. Composting can help give nutrients to your garden and helps the earth.

Our house with our greenhouse and veggie garden, plus backgammon

The transport systems and bicycling will make less emissions. So think about the next time you need to go somewhere. Many places have several options. Finally, giving back to the community helps everyone in it. It will make it more enjoyable and it will bring people together in saving this planet!

You and your Passion

Just as I have found my passion, so should you! If you want to move to another country do it. Don’t be afraid of all the what ifs. That’s what can kill a dream. Once you get there find what interests you and hold on to it. We need more passionate people in the world!

Check out my blog for more interesting articles, and hikes through out Sweden and some other countries that I have traveled to! There’s even a shop that you can check out if you want to find some nice gear for your next outdoor adventure.


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