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The sun came down and left the area with a pleasant feeling as the light briefly lit up the buildings, making the area turn into a magical place with a variety of things to do in Karlstad Sweden. Even if this is a little city, there is a lot of things to check out. So, it’s worth exploring and checking out as many as you can. This goes for people living there and visitors!

Places Packed with Things to Do in Karlstad Sweden

This is a city that’s known as the sun city, which makes it a great place for things to do in Karlstad Sweden outside. They have all kinds of activities offered and it varies depending on the season. But even when it’s chilly, there are plenty of things to do. Some of my favorite places involve a night out dancing at Royale or enjoying the nature while wandering Mariebergskogen.



At Karlstad’s city park, they offer a variety of things to do throughout all the seasons. If you venture here during spring or summer, you can ride on a colorful train that gives you a tour of the area. Or take a stroll to the animal farm and meet some up close. There’s even special events that happen throughout the year where you have to book it ahead of time. For example, they have troll hunting with kids or schedule a time with your kids to meet rabbits. My little boy’s eyes grew big as we walked through the animal farm. He had to talk with some of the chickens and was amazed by the rooster’s sound.

They also have a playground, old wooden buildings, grill spots, and trails to venture on. It’s nice to wander around here even in winter. This is one of my favorite things to do in Karlstad Sweden! Check out their website to see what’s going on now! Plus, it’s free to enter and dogs are allowed but they need to be kept on a leash.

Website: Mariebergsskogen

Phone: 054-540 27 50

E-mail: mariebergsskogen@karlstad.se

Naturum Värmland

The birds chirp away as they fly above. A few trails in Mariebergsskogen led to Naturum Värmland (nature center) since it resides inside that city park. Here, you can learn much more about Sweden’s nature and the area here. There’s even a watch bird tower that you can climb and take in the wonderful sights of a variety of birds. Explore this area and take in the abundance of natural beauty while learning about it. If you’re feeling peckish, they have a café that has delicious treats and some piping hot tea.

Website: Naturum Värmland (Nature Center)

Phone: 054-540 27 60
E-mail naturumvarmland@karlstad.se

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Sandgrund Lars Lerin

Watercolor paintings bring life to Sandgrund Lars Lerin’s artwork. He’s an artist in several different ways for 30 years and in these walls, you can see some of his permanent displays. Venture in and see his watercolor paintings, oil paintings, graphic art, a display of collages and even photos of many places that he has traveled to. So, if you’re an art buff, then you’ll love visiting here and getting an eyeful of his wonderful art. When I took in this place, I was amazed at how detailed his watercolor was and how extraordinary it was. To this day, Sandgrund lives in Lofoten which was also his home in the 90s. He’s one of the best watercolor artists in Scandinavia and wandering the rooms of his art can be quite impactful!

Website: Sandgrund Lars Lerin

Phone: 054-10 07 80

Värmlands Museum

Every room has its own theme waiting to be explored. Here, you can learn about Värmland county and get a taste of a fairy tale land as well. Some of the rooms will make you feel as though you’ve been teleported to another land. They have new artwork on display every once in a while. So, I suggest checking out their website. After perusing around, you can take a break at the café and try some of their sweets with their savoring tastes. This is a great place for the whole family, especially the little ones with the little workshop and events they have happening.

Wesbsite: Värmlands Museum

Phone: 054-701 19 00

E-mail: museet@varmlandsmuseum.se


The flowers call to the wild in this city garden, making it a great place to bird watch. Listen to the buzzing of bees and feel the warmth of the sun shining down. This is a wonder and it’s nice to visit during any season. Although, if you want to see the flowers in bloom, the best time is spring. Besides having wonderful flowers and vegetation, there’s art sculptures spread out through the garden. When it’s spring or summer, there’s even a little place where you can buy ice cream. The only thing that’s missing is a playground. But this is more of a good place to take a stroll and enjoy the fountain. Dogs are allowed here as long as they’re on leashes. I’ve always enjoyed wandering this lovely garden with its calming atmosphere and it’s one of the calmest things to do in Karlstad Sweden.

Website: Stadsträdgården (City garden)

Phone: 054-540 00 00

E-mail: karlstadskommun@karlstad.se


A pleasant silence befell the foresty area as I took my steps down the trail. But then, a crunching of leaves echoed in the distance. A bicyclist quickly came by. There are several people that take to these trails for exercise or just to stretch their legs. Dogs need to be leashed and there’s a variety of nature to see. Venture near the lake and follow the path that leads you to an outdoor gym. Or wander in the forest where you’re surrounded by tall trees that makes you feel that you’re far away from any city. They have houses that you can rent or places to camp out in this area. Plus, there are great spots for having a picnic, no matter the season. I mean, I had a picnic in winter with a friend after she took a dip in the freezing water!

Website: Skutberget

Phone: 054-540 00 00

E-mail: karlstadskommun@karlstad.se

Opera House

The sounds echo as they bounce off the walls and the high ceilings make it even louder. There are spots in the balcony and on the floor to feast your eyes on the lovely plays that are here. They have 4 floors and one of them has a tiny café for a fika (a Swedish coffee break). While you wait around during intermission, treat yourself with some of the delicacy that they offer. My hubby enjoyed an opera show here when I was still new to Sweden. The sounds were phenomenal. I just wished that I could understand them… It was all in Swedish, but I was still glad that I came to see the show. You can check out their website and see what live shows they have now. If you love a good show, then venturing here is something to do in Karlstad Sweden.

Website: Wermland Opera (Only in Swedish)

Phone: 054-21 03 90
E-mail: biljetter@wermlandopera.com

Hiking Trails are Great Things to Do in Karlstad Sweden

If the trails call to you, then you’re just like me! Taking on trails are some of my favorite things to do in Karlstad Sweden. You can learn more about 6 different trails in my article called 6 Best Trails in Karlstad – The City in the Nature County. There are several other places around Karlstad with great trails. For instance, Kycklingleden trail is a great one to wander! When winter comes along, these might not be as pleasant. But that’s why I recommend checking out any of the places above. You won’t be disappointed!

Kycklingleden trail
Kycklingleden Trail

Hungry or Ready to Party?

There are tons of restaurants and bars to choose from when you’re checking out Karlstad. Although, times have made it a bit harder for restaurants to stay open. Prices have skyrocketed for food, and electricity in Sweden has been a mess. But that doesn’t stop some of my favorite places from keeping it afloat. Check out some of the places with delicious food or wander to one of them for a night filled with fun!


This lovely place will give you a calm feeling as you walk in the door. Smiles welcome you and the atmosphere is helpful if you’ve had a stressful day. The staff is nice, and the options they give you make it unlike other places in Karlstad. Their vegetarian options may be limited. But they make up for it in its’ delicious tastes. I had the creamy bean soup that left my mouth watering for more. But I know, I’m a bit biased. My friend is one of the owners. On the contrary, even if he wasn’t one of the owners, I still enjoyed the food! Plus, the atmosphere here is irreplaceable. Many see this place as just a an African restaurant. In actuality, it has a nightlife as well! If you do decide to check this place out, send me an email and let me know what you think!

Website: Zanzibar Karlstad (English Menu)

Phone: 073-757 75 05

E-mail: anastasia@zanzibarkarlstad.se

The Lion Bar

Yet another welcoming place to visit for things to do in Karlstad Sweden. Now, this is another place that I know one of the owners. But hear me out! I liked this place before he owned half of this friendly bar. It has an African touch to it similar to Zanzibar since the original owner has traveled to Africa several times and has many souvenirs that he uses as decoration in this lovely exotic hidden getaway. If you’re traveling in Karlstad solo or if you just don’t know that many people, this is a great place to make new friends. Everyone is open and they’re not afraid to start a conversation with a new face. My hubby actually made a few new friends when he would visit here after his shift. Plus, the prices are hard to resist. You can visit here for a meal or enjoy the nightlife, whichever you prefer.

The Lion Bar

Website: The Lion Bar (In Swedish)

Phone: 054-18 63 50 

Royale Bistro & Casino

Unlike the others, this place has a dance floor. As I wandered this place, it felt as though I was in a much bigger city. The lights hung high and gave the rooms an even bigger feel. When I ventured here with friends, we were bombarded with others on the dance floor. It was filled to the brim with people. But this just made it even more fun! If you enjoy dancing and drinking, then I suggest taking to the Royale dance floor and enjoy a night filled with loud music and great dance moves. As the name suggests, it has tables where you can bet money, like a casino. Plus, earlier in the day, you can dine in and try some of their appetizing meals.

Website: Royale Bistro & Casino (Only in Swedish)

Phone: 054 – 21 95 95

E-mail: info@royalekarlstad.se

Indian Taste Karlstad

A delicious aroma wafts in the air, making my mouth water. Indian food is one of my favorites and this restaurant is such a treat. Try some of the delectable vegetarian options or if you’re a meat eater, they have a huge variety for you to choose from. This is usually my go to place if I have family or friends visiting. The tastes will amaze you with every bite, so stop by and try it out for yourself.

Indian Taste

Website: Indian Taste Karlstad (Mostly in Swedish)

Phone: 0728429152, 054151112

Places to Stay

After a day packed full of adventures and new experiences it can make you feel exhausted. What better than to stay the night at one of the comfy hotels below. The price range for each one varies. Each one has its own uniqueness that may work for you. Check them out and see which one is best for you on your adventure to Karlstad.


Elite Stadshotellet Karlstad

The wind picks up and a relaxation feeling washes over me. A fancy place for a fancy feel with great prices. This wonderful hotel is right next to the water, adding to its tranquility. Breakfast is quite delicious, and the main square is only a couple minutes’ walk away. It’s just 5 minutes from Karlstad station if you plan on taking the train. They have a pristine pool and are dog friendly along with having a pub on the main floor. If you want a nice place to relax, maybe enjoy a spa, then this is a great one! Check it out here!

Carlstad Hostel – Sport Hostel

I saw a girl scribbling away on a paper while I took advantage of the shared kitchen. As I past her I snuck a peek at what she was doing and I was amazed at her talent to draw. Of course I couldn’t stay quiet and began talking with her. Hostels are a great place to make friends, especially if you’re traveling alone. Plus, it’s one of the cheapest alternatives for a spot to sleep. There are dorms here and you can choose a room by how many beds there are. Or you can book a private room. Wander outside and take in the beauty of the garden. Or you can use their laundry service after days of travel. Learn more at Carlstad Hostel.

Good Morning Karlstad City

With an 8-minute walk from Karlstad station and having a pleasant bar, it’s no wonder why many like this hotel. The breakfast buffet leaves your mouth wanting more. Even your furballs can come to this hotel. The prices are not so bad either with a variety of room sizes. Walk on in and feel the welcoming vibe from the staff as you check in. If you want to know more, check it out here.

Adventures in Sweden

Are you an adventurer or just want to explore some interesting places in Sweden. Then I suggest checking out Adventures in Sweden. I have several articles there of unforgettable experiences that you can have in some of the loveliest places. Check it out here!

Celebrating Midsommar

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