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Hiking Trails in Sweden

It’s time to learn more about Sweden and the hikes that you can wander there.

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Welcome to Misfit Wanders!

Welcome to Misfit Wanders, the place for outdoor lovers. It’s where you can follow me (Misfit Wanders) and enjoy the wonderful hikes and take an adventure in the wilderness of Sweden! Here, I have several hiking trails that you can take on, or just go and relax in the peaceful nature that awaits in these Scandinavian country. Your mind will be blown with Allemansrätten. It’s a law in Sweden where you can wander anywhere in nature. Check out the articles I have and start your journey now!


Outdoor Lovers

Me being a misfit with a passion for nature gave me the idea to create this website to help like minded outdoor lovers have an easier time finding trails and the best gear to use while taking on the hikes in Sweden. I’ve lived in Sweden for 5 years now and I’m originally from USA. Since I’m in Sweden with it’s wonderful nature, I wander regularly in it taking in as much of the outdoors as possible and now with my baby and hubby!

While you wander through misfit wanders, you’ll find that many of the articles will have recommendations of gear that I, personally have used. Check out hiking gadgets to see what I recommend.

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You can check out the area, Värmland, which is known as Sweden’s nature county! It’s Pretty awesome! There are articles about some of the National Parks as well. Have a good time checking out Misfit Wanders!

Do you enjoy nature?

Tiveden National Park

Misfit Wanders and Junker Jägare Stone

Värmland County

Södra Hyn in Kil


Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park


About Misfit Wanders

While Misfit Wanders (that’s me) travels, the nature has always called to me. Hiking is my way of escaping stress in life. If you’re wanting to learn more about me, check out my About me page. There you’ll get to learn loads about me!

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Adventures in Sweden with Misfit Wanders

Here at Misfit Wanders, you can find some of the greatest hiking trails in Sweden. Plus, you’ll find the beautiful places that have all kinds of nature. There are several kinds of outdoor activities that are offered and there are hikes in Sweden as well. You can learn more about them at Adventures in Sweden.

Adventures Sweden

  As you explore Misfit Wanders, you’ll see articles about canoeing, hiking, the nature, and some other great adventures! One of my favorites is Värmland Moose Park. There, you get to meet them up close and personal! Feed and pet them while a moose expert divulges information about the extraordinary wild animals. Check it out here!  Plus, in this area, there are hikes in Sweden to wander and enjoy.

Varmland Moose Park Misfit Wanders
Feeding Lotta the moose

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Misfit Wanders Hiking in Sweden

I may get a commission on many of the items that I recommend. But this doesn’t change the price for you!

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