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A feeling of relief washes over me as stress begins seeping out of my body. I’m engulfed in a relaxing sensation as we wander through Swedish National Parks within Sweden. Some have ancient forests standing tall, while others have areas that are the remains of a forest fire long ago or recently. Each National Park has its own uniqueness, which makes it great to visit them. You can see all kinds of wilderness in the different areas; it just depends on where you are in Sweden. Learn about some of the best National Parks below!

Swedish National Parks
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About Swedish National Parks

There are 30 spectacular Swedish National Parks that are waiting for you to begin exploring them. Take in the swampy marsh lands or wander through the magical woodlands. It’s always free to venture in the National Parks any time of the year. In 1909, nine of the National Parks were created and they were the first in Europe also. Explore caves or go on a hike on the well-marked paths in some of the National Parks. Swedish National Parks offer several different outdoor activities and some even have tours. Learn more about other National Parks at See the Profound Beauty of the National Parks in Sweden.

Naturum- Information Center

Many of the Swedish National Parks and some of the nature reserves have a naturum. This is an information center where you can book tours for new experiences or learn more about the wonderful park. Here, you can find out about the specific plants or animals that reside in the park that you’re in. Some of the National Parks have this open year-round. Some of these Naturum have a area you can walk through inside to help you learn about the park. Many of them have gift shops and a bathroom. If you need a map of the area, you can purchase it here. Or use your handy dandy phone and take a photo of a map that’s on a billboard near the entrance to the National Park.

Tyresta Naturum
Naturum Center in Tyresta National Park

Tyresta National Park

Even from the busy streets of Stockholm, you can venture to the wilderness. It’s just 20km away, and Tyresta National Park is a popular place to hike or have a pleasant picnic with friends and family. This was established in 1993 and covers about 5,000 hectares of land with 55km of trails nicely marked for visitors to enjoy. As you venture through the forests, there are some pines that are over 100 years old! Don’t forget to take in the beauty of the lake, while you hike some of the trails. Or if you have a baby stroller, they have a specific trail just for you and the little one! Learn more at Tyresta National Park. My article tells about all the marked hiking trails you can wander on in one of the Swedish National Parks. Find out more here!

Tyresta National Park
Tyresta National Park

Tiveden National Park

This park is by far, my favorite! The atmosphere rings with an ancient vibration. It was created in 1983 and is around 2,300 hectares of land. There are boulders that stand 10 meters tall that were brought to this area by ice sheet! In this magical park, there are caves to explore, to rift valleys. Parts in Tiveden, you can see where old forest fires had been. Take to the trails and start hiking some of the 25km hiking paths that are nicely marked. Or jump into a lake for a refreshing swim after a day of hiking. You can learn more at Tiveden National Park. I break down all the marked trails throughout this beautiful area. Click here for more information!

Tiveden National Park
Tiveden National Park

Hamra National Park

A fog hovers above the lake giving Hamra National Park a mystic aura. The bogs make it harder to walk the trails with regular shoes. So, waterproof boots are a must here. The hiking trails are relatively easy and mostly flat. This park has a forest that is known for being one of the untouched forests in Central Sweden. Hamra National Park was one of the first Swedish National Parks created in 1909 and is about 1,400 hectares of land. The swampy lands call to animals along with the clear streams. This area is a popular spot all year round with its outdoor activities. Check out more on Hamra National Park.

Hamra National Park
Hamra National Park


Björnlandet National Park

An urgency to make it to the top rushed over me as we were being followed by mosquitoes. Since we went in the summertime it was beautiful, but there were swarms of hungry mosquitoes. Even with our bug-spray, we didn’t stand a chance! I highly recommend on checking the wonderful Björnlandet National Park out in the spring or fall. On these hiking trails, you’ll feel engulfed in nature. The trails vary on difficulty here and the viewpoint is extraordinary! Learn more at Björnlandet National Park.

Vibrant green trees spread throughout the national park, making it a spectacular place to visit. In addition to the serene nature, I was blown away by the beauty of the view at the top looking down on the lake and the abundance of lush trees.

Bjornlandet National Park
Björnlandet National Park


Find out More Information

There’s a website that’s has all the Swedish National Parks. If you want to learn more about the other parks, that’s the best place to look! Nationalparksofsweden.se will give you some facts about each National Park, while explaining the importance for the protected land. You can even learn about some of the activities that you can do in many of the parks.

Best Outdoor Gear

For any nature adventure, it’s best to have the right gear. Here, I talk about some of the gear that I use. You can check it out at Hiking Gadgets.

Best Outdoor Gadgets

Hiking in Sweden

All of the Swedish National Parks offer hiking trails, and if you’re like me and taking to a trail excites you, then check out Hiking in Sweden. There, I tell about some of the best trails in Sweden that I have enjoyed. Recently, I have hiked Kebnekaise! That’s the highest mountain in Sweden and it was tough!

In this article, you can learn about the do’s and don’ts when you’re hiking in Sweden’s wilderness. Meanwhile, this is a good spot to learn about places to stay and how to get to Sweden. Since you’re venturing in Sweden, it may help to know some of the Swedish words. So, I’ve wrote it down in this article to help. Check it out here!

Hiking Sweden

kebnekaise hike
Hiking to the Fjällstation, then Kebnekaise

Adventures in Sweden

Sweden is full of great adventures that you can have. So, if you haven’t had your fill of the outdoors from the Swedish National Parks, then look at the other outdoorsy stuff you can do here. In this country, there is an abundance of nature. So, what better way to enjoy it than go on an adventure in it. Check out Adventures in Sweden to learn more about all the fun things that are offered here. You can meet moose or take to the water and paddle away to islands. There’s even an overgrown mine that you can visit and get an eerie feeling rush over your body as you wander in it. Find out more here!

Adventures Sweden

off the beaten path in Sweden
Lake Yngen

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Swedish National Parks
Swedish National Parks

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