As my family and I walked off the plane to travel to our new destination, my body vibrated with excitement. The sun’s rays beamed down warming me to my core. A contagious smile overtook me and was soon transferred to my hubby, mom, and my little bundle of joy. Abruptly, a gasp left my body as I gazed at the beautiful views of the ocean. Since we traveled to Marbella, Spain as a family, we decided to rent an apartment, and luck would have it that it’s common to rent apartments in Spain.

First flight for our little boy to Spain

Our week swept by fast, but we learned so much since this was the first time, we had traveled out of the country with our little 1 year old. When you plan a trip abroad, it’s best to think over all the important things that you may need to do before you travel. I explain this in more detail below, so your next trip should run a bit more smoothly. But don’t forget, you can’t plan everything when you’re traveling. So, it’s okay if an obstacle gets in the way. Stay calm and it will work out. As I travel, the most common thing to happen is unpredictable things that could never be foreseen.


What is Needed to Travel?

When traveling abroad, a passport is an essential item. If you don’t have one, then say goodbye to traveling to another country. Another item that you can’t pass up having is an ID, or a driver’s license. Especially if you plan on renting a car, you’ll need a driver’s license (and a credit card). If you don’t plan on driving, then you don’t need to worry about having it. But I still suggest having at least an ID with you, just in case.

Nowadays, COVID has left a scar on the whole world and for that, many countries will require you to have documents showing that you have been vaccinated. Some countries may even need you to take a test once you’re in their country to validate that you don’t have it. Every country may differ on what they require from you. So, be sure to check into it before getting on your flight.

Ways to Travel

Now, depending on the country, it may be best to travel through it or to it on a certain kind of transportation. As of now, we have found with our little boy that traveling by car in a country is best. Although, in Sweden we usually travel by train, bus, or by electric car. But this all depends on the country. When we traveled in Spain, we found that the locals were not so good at having baby seats for taxis. The train system isn’t the greatest in the area that we were at. Thus, we tried out taxis… Which I wasn’t thrilled with how they told us just to hold our little one in our arms as he drove down the streets. When we had our next trip to Czech Republic, that’s where we planned to rent a car, which made everything run more smoothly.

Marbella, Spain

The Pros and Cons of Car Travel

One of the disadvantages of using a car would be finding parking. Some cities may be quite difficult to find a spot since they’re so busy. Plus, some countries’ roads may not be taken care of the best. But when you have your own vehicle, you get to call the shots. Meaning, you are the one saying where you’re going. On top of that, if you have a little one, then you don’t need to worry about their safety as much since in a rental, you would have a car seat.

But another downside would be the price of gas. Even if you rent an electric car, in some countries it’s still difficult to find charging stations. If you do plan on taking a road trip, use Road.Travel app. There, you can purchase itineraries for places all over the world. In the plan, you’ll have places to eat, stay, visit, places to park and it offers itineraries for electric cars as well. I have created some of my own trips on there that you can check out if you plan on traveling to some of the places that I wrote about. I think it’s a great way to help people plan their next trip, especially if they don’t have the time to do all the planning.

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Transportation Systems

Traveling by train one of my favorite ways to travel. I enjoy how you can walk around and even get a yummy treat while taking in the view from the train. Plus, taking a train helps the environment over driving a vehicle. If you want to take a trip by train, a country that’s well-known for its transportation system is The Netherlands. As I traveled there, it was so easy to travel by train. We didn’t need to worry about finding a train to our next destination since there are trains used all over that country.

It’s a great way to travel depending on country. But there are countries where there transportation system is not the greatest. Those are the places that I wouldn’t recommend trying to only travel by train. You may need to take a bus, taxi, or boat as well. It’s just yet another thing to look into when you’re checking out information on the country that you’re planning on traveling to.

Czech Republic Transportation

Travel by Airplane

Now, one of the fastest ways to get to a country is usually by flying. Especially if you’re on a time crunch, this may be the best option for you to arrive to your destination. Although, traveling by plane isn’t the best for the environment. Ways to make up for that is travel by a transportation system especially if you’re near the place you’re planning on flying to or invest in giving money to the environment. They are working on making more Eco-friendly planes, so the world is realizing that we should move towards caring more for nature.

Another thing to think about if you’re booking a flight is that nonstop flights are better for the environment than taking several connecting flights. This is because cruising altitude doesn’t need as much fuel as the other stages of flying. Compared to traveling by plane, ferries are better. So, if you have the choice, take a ferry or another alternative than flying.


Sailboat or Electric Boat?

Both of these options are more Eco-friendly since they use the wind and solar energy. But these options would take a long time to make it to a new country. I would say that this is a good way to travel for short trips and preferably in the same country. Unless you live fairly close to another country. Regarding this, the downside would be that you might be out in the water on a day that has no wind. That means that you would have to use the electricity and that will only work for so many hours. This is also why it would be best to use this option for visiting a place that’s closer to you.

To Cruise or no to Cruise

Now, this option is the worst for the environment. Taking a cruise omits more CO2 than taking an airplane. Plus, it’s devastating for Sea life, oceans, and coastal communities. I highly recommend NOT taking a cruise because of this. Plus, on a cruise, you don’t get the feel of a place as you would if you traveled there a different way. If you want to learn more about this, check out the website FOE.

What Should you Bring While you Travel?

Many of the items that you want to bring may differ depending on the country you plan to visit. But for me, I always travel with my metal water bottle. This helps me remember to take a swig and hydrate myself. It can get stressful with traveling and having that already with you makes life just a little bit easier. Usually when I travel, I like to have just the essentials. For me, it has become essential to travel with a face mask since some countries still require it, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. So, it’s okay to add this to my pack even if I may not need it.

Czech Republic

Traveling with Kids

Things change when you get a little one and with it, you travel with so much more. You have to think about more than just yourself and for me, it’s been an interesting thing to take on. You know your little one more than anyone. That gives you of an idea of what they like, how they can stay occupied, and what may be best to have with you for their health. For me, I learned from the trip to Spain that we should pack some medicine, just in case our little guy gets sick.

In Spain, we would have had to see a doctor just to get medicine for a cough. There’s no over the counter medicine there. Another thing that this trip had taught us is that having some kind of routine is helpful even when you’re traveling. We had some toys for bath time and one or two other ones for the road trip. Besides that, we brought a book that we tried to read every night to him, which didn’t work out as planned.

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Phone with Helpful Apps

When it comes to gadgets to bring, your handy dandy phone can be a great commodity. On it, you can have a translator app, the Road.Travel app (for itineraries), Lonely Planet app, and google maps. These could be very beneficial as you travel in a foreign country, especially if they speak a language there that you don’t understand. If you want, you could bring a physical book for translating the language or a Lonely Planet book. But these would weigh you down as you travel when it’s much easier to have these on your digital device.

Water Bottle is a Must!

No matter where or for how long you’re traveling, I highly recommend that you bring a water bottle. You never know when thirst will hit you when traveling since you can be overwhelmed by the beginning of traveling. Plus, having this will be more Eco-friendly than buying plastic bottles. But this too depends on the country because some countries they don’t have drinking water, only bottled water.


Now, having your own toothbrush and toothpaste is essential, especially if you plan to camp out or you’re traveling to a poor country. The same goes for shampoo and conditioner since these can be seen as luxurious items in certain places. While I have traveled, I have found that having toilet paper has helped on several occasions. This was valuable while I traveled in Cambodia! As you wander to a new place, it’s a good idea to pack some hand sanitizer as well. We don’t know when COVID will be rampant again and along with hand sanitizer, have a face mask just in case.



You may think, this is no big deal as long as you have money. This is something I have learned the hard way. When I traveled to Cambodia and Thailand, my card wouldn’t work. I didn’t tell my bank and they thought that it wasn’t me using my card. After a painstakingly hard night, I got it situated. Learn from my mistake and tell your banks about your trip. When it comes to money, many countries pay with cash. So, it’s a good idea to get their currency. This you can do at an airport or there’s usually stores in the country (it’s usually cheaper than the airport). Don’t travel with just a credit card, make sure to have a little cash and a debit card.

How to Pack?

When it comes to packing, it’s best to plan ahead. For example, if you plan to go to a sunny place, you don’t want to bring a coat and if it’s just a quick trip, you won’t need a huge bag. The best way to have your clothes packed is to roll them. Something I learned while traveling is that it helps having a small bag that’s easy to pack for your dirty laundry as you travel. That way, you can have them separated. If you plan on bringing more shoes than what you have on your feet on your trip, make sure to pack the smaller shoes. You can even pack some of your items in your shoes as well. Some people use travel cubes, but I’m fine with just rolling up my clothes. It’s crucial to pack travel sized toiletries pretty much for any trip.

Travel Insurance

A smog overtakes the streets in front of you and then you hear a screech. Suddenly you slam on your brakes and smash into another car. It’s hard to plan the future. So, why not try to be prepared with travel insurance. This will come in handy if you get into an accident, sick, or any kind of emergency happen. If you’re traveling with a family, then having travel insurance is even more important! Check it out here!

Power Outlet

Not every country uses the same kind of power outlet. Make sure to look into this before going to your destination. A heads up, US power outlets are stronger than the ones in Europe. Regarding this, having a power bank with you can be very helpful. If you have an international sim card for your phone or an international plan with your phone company, this can help save you a lot of stress.

Research Country

As I walked up to the monastery that sat upon a gigantic rock from the ground, I saw a sign stating that women must be wearing a skirt. My gaze traveled to the bin next to it filled with a variety of colored wrap around skirts. Reluctantly, I grabbed one and put it on just as some of the tourists in front of us had done. I respected their culture at Meteora, Greece and I try my best to have respect for other cultures.

A great way to do this is to research about the country you plan to travel to before going there. Their way of life might surprise you or be against the way you think. Researching beforehand can save you the shock of learning it while you’re there and it can prepare you for it. As you venture down the streets or in villages, don’t forget to be considerate when you take photos of the locals. It’s best to ask before taking photos of people and don’t be degrading to them on how they live.


Health & Safety

Regarding researching a country, health restrictions and safety are a must. Certain countries might have a virus floating around or they maybe having a war or riots. This is something that you need to look into and see if it’s a good time to go there. Research the country before you pack your bags and book a flight.

Meteora, Greece

Good luck on your next trip and the most important thing in a new place is to have respect for others, nature, and their culture. Besides that, have fun and take care of yourself along with your family! I hope that this information helps you on your next adventure! If you want to have an adventure in Sweden, check out Adventures in Sweden.

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