The Best Tips for Canoeing Sweden’s Nature

The reflection of lush green forests reflect in the translucent water as we began canoeing Sweden in the wonderful lake Rottnan. A breeze picked up and along with it, birds began to sing. The sun started playing peek a boo with us using clouds as its hiding spots as we paddled. But once the sun came out, its rays lit up everything and warmed us. It’s so calm being on the water and taking in the beauty of nature.

Water is Everywhere in Sweden

To say that Sweden has lakes is an understatement. There are over 97,500 lakes in Sweden! So, your options for canoeing are almost limitless! One of the lakes is the 3rd largest lake in Europe, Lake Vänern. Experts say that this lake has been here for over 10,000 years! Pretty crazy!? This lake goes through 3 different provinces and in the southwest of Sweden. The longest river in Sweden which zig zags through Sweden and into Norway is Klarälven. Most of the lakes have clear lakes, where you can peer in it and see the underwater world. Of course, some of them are too deep to be able to see.

Canoeing Sweden in Varmland
Canoeing in Värmland with my hubby, friends, and doggie

Best Places to go Canoeing Sweden’s Wilderness

Since there’s so much water in Sweden, it gives all kinds of options to the water adventurer. So, canoeing Sweden is an easy option of an activity to do. There are areas with several islands, coastlines, rampaging rivers, and parts where you will go through canals. Kayaking and canoeing can be found in much of Sweden. Especially near the bigger cities where they have a lot more people.

Stockholm’s Canals and Archipelago

Rocky forms pop out of the water creating over 30,000 islands. This is the archipelago of Stockholm. Here, you can canoe to islands or relax and paddle near the coastline. There is a blend of wooded areas, beaches, stones, and houses spread out on the islands. If you want to take calm trip, you can relax in a cottage on one of the islands and enjoy the scenery.

Enjoy the scenery on a kayak tour here.

Check out a fun tour in the city center that’s offered in Stockholm at GetYourGuide.

Stockholm has water all over in its city. So, you can take to the canals and paddle your way through the area with a different perspective of city life. If you enjoy seeing Stockholm from the water, there are all kinds of activities that are offered. You can go canoeing, sail boating, kayaking, or on a boat tour. Check it out here!

Gothenburg’s Archipelago and Coastline

Watch seals near the islands as the sun sets or go to the southern islands which are carless with stunning beaches and cute little villages. The Gothenburg archipelago is over 20 islands spread out near the main coastline of Gothenburg. Learn more about the archipelago here.

Sweden’s first Marine National Park is located a couple of hours north of Gothenburg in the Koster Sea. They offer kayaking trips in this area, plus you can even do some exploring of the rocks and spectacular beaches. The Koster islands in Sweden are known as the most species in a water environment.


Gothenburg archipelago
The Island, Rörö

Värmland Nature Province

Since this area is known being the nature province, it’s no wonder they would have beautiful places to canoe. Glaskogen has a wonderful nature filled place to paddle. If you decide to venture there and you want to go on the canoe path, it can take up to a week. The longest river Klarälven is in Värmland and has some great spots for canoeing. You can rent the gear for canoeing and go out on your own.

You can check out and see different canoe paths.


Canoeing Sweden in Värmland
Canoeing Sweden in Värmland

Skåne and its Wilderness

You can see a diverse kind of wilderness here. There are cliffs to wetlands that you can canoe or kayak to get a closer look. Malmö is near Copenhagen and has some beautiful views off the coastline. You can take a canoe/kayak into the canals or take to the lakes and rivers in this amazing area. This is a great place to wander in the wilderness on a hike or just take in the beauty of the nature. See more about canoe and kayaking in Skåne here.

Canoeing Sweden in Småland

Within Småland, they make is easy for you to rent gear for your canoe or kayaking adventure. There are loads of different kinds of waterways, rivers, and lakes to enjoy. The calm waters will call for you no matter if you’re a beginner or and advanced kayak/canoe lover. The soundless paddling gives you a relaxing time to move in awe as you’re surrounded by the wilderness. Check out Visitsmå to learn more about water adventures.

Canoe Tours

If you’re unsure which path to take or you’re like me and bad with directions, it’s maybe best to go on a kayak or canoe tour within Sweden. This will help you see the best spots and not get stressed out with feeling lost. I know that feeling completely!

I went on a canoe trip with my hubby and two friends. Our friend was in charge of the path we took. It was suppose to last about 6 hours. 12 hours pass and still we’re not to the end! It ended up being a night spent in nature with none of the camping gear, food, or extra clothes. As we started a fire to get some warmth, droplets began to fall on us. With barely any sleep we ended up hiking around. Finally, after an hour or so, we got help!

Don’t have a trip like that! It lasted over 24 hours of stress and worry. Plus, we weren’t prepared. So, it’s best to be overprepared than underprepared.

Stockholm Tours – Canoeing Sweden

Within Stockholm, there are all kinds of canoeing Sweden you can do and kayaking tours to check out! I recommend GetYourGuide.

They have several ones and the best, would be canoeing to the archipelago or paddling in the canals. Check it out here!

Being on the water when the sunsets or rises is always the best. On this tour, you get to paddle while the sun sets in the archipelagos. Its such a picturesque view as the sun plays on the water. This one I highly recommend for those photo lovers. You can get some epic shots at this time. Find out more at GetYourGuide.

Malmö Tour

This isn’t a canoe tour, but you still get to take to the water! It’s a boat tour that takes you through the canals, where you get to learn about the history and culture of this city. The is one of the popular tours offered in this area. Check it out here!

Gothenburg Tour

Here’s another one that’s a boat tour. It’s a hop on hop off. So, if you see something that interests you, you can get off and get back on it later. While you ride on the boat the tour guide will tell you a bit more about the city and shops that are in it. The ticket is valid for 24 hours. Learn more about it at GetYourGuide.


Gothenburg Island Rörö
Gothenburg Island, Rörö

Gear for Trips Canoeing Sweden

Having the right gear is always important when you go on an adventure out in nature. This is what can make a trip or break it.  If you plan on doing a solo trip or one with friends and family, make sure to rent a canoe/kayak, and paddles. My hubby and I were badly prepared for our first canoe trip together with our friends. So, we ended up having to use a shovel as a paddle! Our muscles were so sore the next day! Don’t forget water or some water bottles! This is really important and the same for sunscreen. Even if it’s a cloudy day, you can get a sun burn.


Gear for Canoeing
Canoe Gear with Hanna


It depends how long you’re planning this trip, but it doesn’t hurt to bring a rain jacket and rain pants, just in case. A tent and a sleeping bag is what you will need if you plan on sleeping out in nature. Plus, you’re going to need to have meals with you if you are having a longer adventure.  A famous Swedish quote is, “There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing.” Take that into consideration when you’re packing for your water adventure and don’t do like my swede hubby and I did.

“Swedish quote: “There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing.””

Best Time to begin Canoeing Sweden

July is a warm sunny time to take to the water. But this is also the vacation month for swedes. Many places will be busy. I would recommend end of May or June, but the weather plays a huge part. Recently, it’s hasn’t been as it has in the past. So, August might be better to wander on the water.

Ask the tourist information center near where you plan on canoeing Sweden and if you’re going to islands ask if it’s okay to do that. There are times in the season where you’re not allowed to go to the islands. This is a way that they protect the specific species of birds and the seals.


Canoeing Sweden
Canoeing Sweden in Värmland with Hanna and Jorinda

Plan Ahead

Make sure you have a map of where you’re journeying as you begin canoeing Sweden. It’s good to talk with some locals and use google maps to find out the distance and roughly how long it will take to start canoeing Sweden’s lake that you choose. Don’t forget, you can camp out in nature as long as you stay respectful to nature and don’t stay longer than 2 days. Make sure that you’ve been paying attention to the weather. As that can destroy a nice trip into a nightmare.

If you’re interested in finding about other outdoor adventures you can do in Sweden, check out my article, Adventures in Sweden.


Learn more about Adventures in Sweden!


Adventures Sweden


Canoeing in Sweden

Canoeing in Sweden

Canoeing Sweden


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