Kycklingleden Trail – A Nice Hiking Trail Outside of Karlstad

The sun’s rays pelted down on the ground warming up the earth. A nice breeze swept the area as we hiked Kycklingleden trail. It’s not too far from Karlstad, but you do need to drive to it. Kycklingleden means ‘The chicken trail’ and it has over 34 rare species roaming the area. It’s named after Chicken Dale, which is an area there. Once our journey was complete, I felt a happiness wash over me. Being out in nature always brings a smile to my face. Plus, it feels great to get out of being cramped up in a home since it has been so cold out.

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Kycklingleden trail
Kycklingleden Trail

How to Get There

No public transportation is offered, so driving is the only option to get to this wonderful trail. Take E18 from Karlstad towards Oslo/E45. Take exit Liljedalsmotet, merge onto E18. Follow signs for Liljedal/Eds. Take Nya Vägen to the trail. Follow the signs that say Kycklingleden and it will bring you to a parking area. If the parking is full, you can park on the side of the street.

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Be Considerate to Nature

As you wander on the trail, don’t forget that you should try to stay on the path and not destroy Mother Nature. Fires are only permitted in the designated areas and if there’s a fire ban, then none are allowed. A fire ravaged in 2004 and left its mark in the area. It was one of the largest forest fires in over 50 years and it was 2km of blazing flames. Bring any trash out with you and don’t take bark or branches off of living trees. The wooden sculptures that have been created are in trees that were taken down. So they used the stumps and turned them into pieces of artwork scattered on the trail.

Wild flowers

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 5.7 km (3.5 mi.) Round trip – Duration: Approx. 2 hours- Coordinates: N59° 15.683, E13° 5.592- Address: Unnamed Road, 660 40 Segmon- Transport: Rent a car 

On this trail it winds up and down and it zig zags following lake Vänern. This is one of the largest lakes of Western Europe. It has over 22,000 islands in it! The trail loops and has very steep parts where you may need to hold onto the rope that has been stabilized into the rocks or in parts it’s latched to trees. This path is in Liljedal that’s south of Grums. There are orange markings and signs with the map, so it’s hard to get lost on this trail.

Kycklingleden Map
Map is throughout the trail

The Beginning of the Trail

As we began our hike near Buda Badplats, I saw how inviting the trail looked. A staircase with a looming sign above it saying, “Kycklingleden” awaited for us. I was beginning to bubble with excitement! The past days I have been inside or on walks in the neighborhood. Now, it’s time to really venture into the forest. Quickly down the path, we found wooden sculptures. It looked as though it’s a giant head made out of wood! As we wandered further down the trail, more sculptures appeared. There is one that I thought looked really neat. It’s a man with a long beard that turns into a root. His wisps of hair and beard are carved out making it seem like it should move in the breeze.

Old man Kycklingleden trail
Wooden Sculpture on the trail

Respect Others Privacy

There are a couple of summer cabins on the trail, so have respect and keep on the trail. Many enjoy being surrounded by nature that’s why these people have a summer cabin in the area. There are views of the lake at the top of the trail. There, you’ll be able to see the lake from afar and enjoy wandering in the lovely forest. You will get to see the area that was once destroyed by a huge forest fire in 2004 as well.

Steep Areas on Kycklingleden Trail

I was stunned when we came up to a solid stone. They had drilled a hole and put a latch on it in order to hang a rope from it. The trail became really steep since you had to walk up the smooth stone. But it is definitely doable! I made it up and my nerves calmed. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, but taa-daa, I did it! My 24 liter backpack wasn’t bothering me yet since I had put weights in it for my training. We turned this trip into a training day. We are going to Kebnekaise in June! That’s the highest mountain in Sweden, so we need to be in tip top shape to do it!

Steep part of trail
Steep with a rope

There were a couple of spots on the hike which had ropes to help you climb it since it becomes steep. The sun made the day so much better, so many other people had the same idea as us and wandered the trail. Some places on the trail had manmade bridges, which helped a lot in the rainy season. Each step I took had turned into a crunch from leaves once we were nearing the top. The three of us stopped and enjoyed warm tea that my hubby made with his camping gear. When you’re surrounded by nature the air feels better. A feeling of peace engulfed me and a deep sigh released from my lips.


Beautiful Viewpoint

You could see the lake in the distance and the view is a spectacular place to watch the sunset. They have a wooden resting place with a fire area and a picnic table. While you enjoyed your meal, you get to see this enjoying view and take in how beautiful nature is! This trail is worth it if you’re in Karlstad area. It takes around 2 hours to complete it.

Kycklingleden trail Viewpoint
Viewpoint on Kycklingleden trail

The Lake Awaits

Before or after your hike, you can see the lake up close. Near it, there’s a small playground for kids and some places to have a picnic. It feels like a peaceful place where there are smooth boulders as the ground in places near the lake. Take a dip if you’re brave enough to bear it! This area will help you release  from any worries or stress that you’re having by engulfing you into the beautiful nature.

Other Hiking Trails and Information

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Hiking Sweden

Hiking in Sweden
Hiking in Sweden

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Kycklingleden Trail
Kycklingleden Trail
Kycklingleden Trail


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