Explore Norway: A Backpacker’s Guide to the Natural Beauty

If you explore Norway, you’ll see a land of wonder with natural spectacular views. Besides that, this country beckons the adventurous traveler to explore its hidden gems. From breathtaking fjords to vibrant cities, this Scandinavian gem offers a plethora of experiences that will transport you to places from a fantasy. In this guide, we’ll go on a journey through Norway, discovering the best places to explore, kid-friendly activities, and the must-visit attractions that make Norway a dream destination.

The Enchanting Fjords

Exploring Norway cannot be complete without a rendezvous to its world-famous fjords. These deep, glacially-carved inlets are nature’s grandeur at its finest. The Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a gem among them. With its dramatic cliffs and cascading waterfalls, it’s a paradise for photographers and nature lovers alike. Take a cruise to soak in the beauty up close. Or hike along the fjord’s edge for a different perspective. Take in the snowcapped mountains while wandering near the pristine water. Have the fresh air engulf you and let your worries go away!

Unforgettable Experiences

My hubby and I have explored Norway a few times. Our trip through the fjords on a boat is one that’s unforgettable! The wind wisped my hair to and fro while I took in the unmistakable beauty surrounding us. Another time, we took a hiking trail to an irreplaceable scenery that was from above looking down on a fjord. My heart raced with joy and adrenaline as I stared in awe at the wonderful view. The mountains stand tall on each side while the bright blue water runs in between.

Family Adventures in Oslo

Oslo, isn’t just a city of museums and history; it’s a family-friendly paradise too. Explore Norway by visiting its capital. With this in mind, you can start your adventure at Vigeland Park. There’s more than 200 striking sculptures by Gustav Vigeland adorn the park’s lush greenery. Kids will love the interactive exhibitions at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology and the Viking Ship Museum (temporary closed until 2026), where they can marvel at ancient Viking vessels. Don’t forget to visit the Oslo Opera House, a modern architectural wonder where you can walk on the roof for panoramic views of the city.

Explore Norway by Seeing the Spectacular Northern Lights

For an otherworldly experience, venture north to witness the Northern Lights, a natural light display that dances across the Arctic skies. Tromsø, known as the “Gateway to the Arctic,” is an excellent base for your aurora-hunting expedition. With a bit of luck and clear skies, you can witness this breathtaking phenomenon from late September to March. Tour operators offer guided Northern Lights tours, complete with warm drinks and expert insights. There are great spots in northern Sweden to see the northern lights as well. You can learn more about, “The Best Places for the Northern Lights in Sweden” here.

Northern lights in Sweden, Abisko National Park

Bergen: The Gateway to the Fjords

Nestled between mountains and fjords, Bergen is the perfect place to see Norway’s stunning fjord country. Bryggen Wharf, a UNESCO-listed site, is a colorful row of historic buildings that now house shops, galleries, and restaurants. Explore Norway with visiting the Fish Market to savor fresh seafood. Or take the Fløibanen Funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen for panoramic views of Bergen and its surrounding natural beauty. Bergen is a city where every street seems to tell a story. This ride to the top is unforgettable filled with a panoramic view of the amazing town and nature below!

Take a Scenic Road Trip!

My hubby, doggie and I took a scenic road trip, where we visited Bergen. Besides that, we went on a hiking escapade and hiked several different trails. On this wonderful trip, we found several waterfalls were cascading down right next to the road on this route. Since this happened frequently, we stopped to check out all the different waterfalls.

Thrilling Adventures in the Wilderness

If you seek adventure, Norway’s wilderness offers a playground like no other. Head to Voss, the adventure capital of Norway, where you can partake in adrenaline-pumping activities like white-water rafting, skydiving, and paragliding. The serene yet wild landscapes of Hardangervidda National Park are perfect for hiking and camping. For a unique adventure, try dog sledding or snowmobiling in the snowy expanses of the Arctic North.

The Magical Lofoten Islands

A visit to the Lofoten Islands is like stepping into a fairytale. With their jagged peaks, serene fjords, and quaint fishing villages, these islands offer a surreal experience. Hike to the top of Reinebringen (448 meters high) for breathtaking views. Or kayak through the crystal-clear waters to discover hidden coves and beaches. If you’re feeling brave, try your hand at Arctic surfing – the Lofoten Islands are a global hotspot for cold-water surfers.

Trondheim’s Historical Charm

Trondheim, with its rich history and charming old town, is a city steeped in tradition. Explore Norway by seeing the iconic Nidaros Cathedral, Scandinavia’s largest medieval building. Another thing to visit is the Stiftsgården Royal Residence, which is open to the public in the summer from June 1st– August 11th. This gives you a glimpse into Norway’s royal history. Besides visiting thoses places, you can take a leisurely stroll along the Nidelva River that’s lined with colorful warehouses. On this stroll you get to cross the iconic Old Town Bridge, Gamle Bybro, which is adorned with charming wooden sculptures.

Once we reached this town, it felt like we were teleported through time. The old look of the town showed its past along with a feeling of tradition not wanting to disappear. Visiting towns like this always leave me feeling amazed at how it once was. It’s great that they keep it alive so the new generations can have a dose of how it once was.

Breathtaking Natural Wonders

No exploration of Norway is complete without visiting its national parks. Jotunheimen National Park, often called the “Home of the Giants,” is a paradise for hikers and mountaineers. It has over 250 mountains and Norway’s highest peak, Galdhøpiggen stands tall there. Besides that, it has numerous hiking trails that lead to serene lakes and glaciers. For a glimpse of the Arctic, visit Sør-Spitsbergen National Park on the Svalbard Islands, home to polar bears, reindeer, and astonishing ice formations.

The Rich Sami Culture

To truly understand Norway, immerse yourself in its indigenous Sami culture. In Tromsø, you can visit the Tromsø Sami Camp and learn about traditional reindeer herding, sample Sami cuisine, and even embark on a reindeer sledding adventure. For a more in-depth experience, plan your visit around Sami National Day on February 6th. This is when celebrations of Sami culture are held across northern Norway.

Plan Your Adventure

The best time to explore Norway largely depends on your interests. Summer offers long days for hiking and exploring cities with warm day. On the other hand, winter brings opportunities for snow sports and Northern Lights viewing. Norway is exceptionally family-friendly, with activities catering to all ages. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or adventure seeker, Norway’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage promise an unforgettable journey into the heart of Scandinavia. So, pack your bags, and let Norway’s wonders captivate your soul.


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