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There was a brisk chill in the morning air as I fumbled through the house to get to the water boiler. All I could think of was sipping on my steaming fresh green tea. Just thinking about it made my mouth water. Once the sound of water boiling ceased, I took out my nice mug with my logo out and filled it to the brim with a stick infuser already in the cup. I wrapped both of my hands around the mug while staring out at the nature’s beauty. A calmness washed over me as I took a sip. What a great gift I have where I can enjoy the nature with a warm cup in my hands.

Misfit Wanders outdoor gear

Misfit Wanders Outdoorsy Mug

A great way to start the day is with some piping hot coffee or tea. I’m a huge tea drinker! So, my mornings always involve tea. And what better way to enjoy it than in a nice mug. I know I know, you’re probably saying, “It’s yours, of course you’re going to up sell it.” I get it, and I agree with you. But when I got this mug in the mail after designing it, I thought that it was going to be crappy. In reality, it’s genuinely pretty good. I mean, the logos on it and the trees look fantastic. I’ve even taken it out for a spin to the outdoors and it was nice to have. But you can’t forget that it IS ceramic. So, no real crazy adventures for this cup. There’s a metal cup for those kinds of adventures! If you want a cozy feel, then I recommend this mug from my own experience!

Misfit Wanders gear mug

Check it out!

Misfit Wanders Tote Bag

Do you need a durable bag to carry items for a picnic or some kind of outing? Then this heavy-duty tote bag would be a helpful thing to have! We have used ours several times with outdoor adventures and traveling. It has come in handy with grocery shopping, going to the lake, or pretty much any outdoor activity with the family. This bag can handle all the seasons as long as it’s taken care of properly. It comes in three sizes and can be great to have if you have kids. Toys, towels and snacks are helpful to have when you’re on an outing with little kids.

Misfit Wanders Tote Bag gear

Misfit Wanders Tote Bag

Durable Insulated Flask

After a long day of hiking my mouth feels like a desert. My lips feel like they’re going to crack, and my voice has trouble coming out from being parched. Then it dawns on me, I have a water bottle! I grab my flask and guzzle down the crystal cold water. Since the water bottle is insulated, it helps keep it cool which feels good going down. I put the flask up to my forehead to cool it down after the intense hike and a sense of gratitude waves over me. Without this water bottle, I think I would have been at the edge of anger at my own stupidity. Water is what keeps you going. So, any outdoor activity, don’t forget about a reliable bottle that can fill with something to quench your thirst.

Water Bottle, Misfit Wanders gear

Misfit Wanders Flask

Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

It’s great being able to relax with some music even in the outdoors. Of course the nature sounds are lovely, but having the option to listen to your favorite tune after a long hike or just to help you relax for the day feels nice. This Misfit Wanders gear makes it easier to bring it since it’s durable and waterproof. You can sit back and relax without a worry about it being damage from the weather. Plus, you can connect it by Bluetooth. It should work even without the internet you can listen to the music that you have on your phone or computer. Many outdoor activities can be so much better when you have that motivating music pushing people forward. Check it out!

Waterproof Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker- Misfit Wanders

Outdoor Speaker

Baby Bodysuit with Misfit Wanders Logo

Now, don’t forget, the little babies should be rocking some of the durable and accommodating Misfit Wanders gear. This baby bodysuit is 100% cotton and is light for the little one. There are plastic snaps, which are also a hardy part of this product. The baby can be wild and crazy and this outfit will be able to withstand them. That makes it great for camping, hiking, and many kinds of activities outside. My little boy wore it when he was smaller. I was amazed at how well-made it was, and I loved the buttons since some of the baby bodysuits are made with flimsy snaps. This one, those snaps really holds the little guy in there! If you wanna check it out, press the link below!

Misfit Wanders gear

Baby Bodysuit

Misfit Wanders Gear

All in all, I try to stay on top of trying out my products before mentioning them. I want to make sure that they are as I say. Every time I got one of these in the mail, I was waiting for a flaw. But somehow, I didn’t find any. Besides in the racerback tank top for ladies. I have a few of them, but their sizing runs a bit under. So, for those, you have to make sure that you follow the size measurement that I have up on that page. Overall, I haven’t been disappointed with these. I especially enjoy the mug. I use that almost every morning as I sip on my steaming green tea. It’s a soothing way to start the day!

If you’re interested in seeing the other products that I have, check out the shop. There, you’ll see several options of clothing for ladies and some for the little ones. Then, you’ll see items that are great for outdoor adventures. Oh, and I can’t forget, there’s Misfit Wanders gear for men as well.

Misfit Wanders Shop

Enjoy the Outdoors in Sweden

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, then Sweden is perfect for you! Sweden has nature over the majority of the country, making it a nature lover’s dream. Start your journey to Sweden and learn more about the adventures you can have in Sweden here.


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