My first time Skiing!

March 11, 2019 | Posted by misfitwanders | Adventures, Lifestyles, Sweden, Traveling

Adrenaline was pumping in my ears. I had so much worry that I would hurt my already damaged head even more! We rounded up our crew and to my disbelief, there were 5 of us that were newbies. It was a relief. I wasn’t alone!

I think it took around 30 minutes for me to finally get situated with the clothes, boots, and finally the skis. So much that I didn’t think of you must do to be ready to ski.

Hovfjallet skiing
Skiing at Hovfjallet

Once our group was finally ready, we waddled awkwardly near one another to the outside world. My hubby, who has done this since he was really little and our friends with their family were with us.

The start off to our training was a big deterrent. A machine would go around quickly in a circle. The object is you’re suppose to grab the rope That dangles down and hold on to it. It brings you around and helps you with turning. I fell on my stomach multiple times. If I can’t do this, how am I going to ski? I thought with frustration. But the same thing happened to our newbie friend also. Since my hubby kept seeing us fall, he told us to move to the next thing.

Hovfjallet Ski Lodge
View from Hovfjallet

Our other friends were with and one teaches kids how to ski. Us newbies were all shown how to cross the skis to slow. It felt a lot better with this than earlier. Eventually, my man took me for a one on one. Which helped me a lot. That guy helped me with braking and going left and right.

Skiing at Hovfjallet
Hovfjallet Skiing for my first time!

We went down a hill together so I got the feel. But the easy hill was connected to a more steeper one. I looked at him with big eyes. He chuckled and took my sticks. I held on to the ends so he could lead. As we went down, I panicked. I thought I was braking but he ended up braking the whole way for both of us! I was half laughing and freaking out! But we made it! Phew!!! What a ride! I’m thankful I got a guy that has my front! Haha!


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