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As our road trip began, I was a little skeptical. But as we rolled farther away from Thessaloniki in Northern Greece, my eyes took in the beauty of green mountains and a feel of wildlife washed over me. It was breathtaking. Trees covered many high mountains with boulders sporadically spread out in the middle of nowhere. Many times we stopped to take in the old bridges that held such history. It left me in amazement! These bridges added a special touch to the nature that surrounds them, holding some mysterious feel to it. The longer we stayed in Greece, the more it pulled me deeper into an intrigued trance.

The Northern Greece Magical Bridges

As we ventured on the roads, we were on the look out for the amazing bridges. The way they were built blew me away. These weren’t created by an architecture, but by craftsmen or the master’s of stones (which is “Mastoroi” in Greek). The arch stone bridges spread throughout Northen Greece are spectacular to see and it feels like they were taken right from a fairytale.

Palaiokarya Waterfalls and Arch Bridge

Venture to Northern Greece like we did and hunt for the bridge beauties. One such enchanting sight is the Palaiokarya waterfalls with its majestic arch bridge. As the water cascades down the rocky cliffs, the arch bridge stands proudly, connecting the lush green banks. The sight is awe-inspiring, with the turquoise waters contrasting against the surroundings. This wonderful waterfalls is about 30 km (18.6 mi.) from the city of Trikala, Thessaly. You can learn more about it at All Over Greece.

Palaiokarya Waterfalls and Arch Bridge in Northern Greece

The Bridge of Plakidas

Another gem among the bridges is The Bridge of Plakidas, a hidden gem nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Northern Greece. This stone bridge is a testament to the country’s rich history, with its ancient design and sturdy structure. Walking across this bridge, one can’t help but feel a sense of timelessness and connection to the past. If you want to learn more about this lovely bridge, check out Shiny Greece.

Northern Greece Bridge

Noutsou or Kokkori Bridge

Venturing further into the heart of Greece, we discover the Noutsou or Kokkori bridge, an architectural wonder that spans gracefully over a tranquil river. The bridge is adorned with intricate carvings, and its reflection dances on the calm waters below, creating a mesmerizing scene that evokes a sense of peace and tranquility.

The Stones on Klidonia Bridge

Lastly, we come across the Stones on Klidonia bridge, a unique and rustic creation that seems like a passage to an enchanted realm. With stones stacked artfully to form the bridge, it blends seamlessly with the surrounding natural beauty. Walking across it feels like stepping into a dream, where nature and craftsmanship coexist in perfect harmony. Learn more at All Over Greece about this amazing bridge!

These bridges in Greece are not only architectural marvels but also symbols of the country’s cultural heritage and natural splendor. Each one tells its own story and offers visitors a glimpse into the timeless beauty of this enchanting land. We enjoyed our little scavenger hunt for these spectacular bridges. Every spot held its own beauty that couldn’t be replicated.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

Once we walked up to this white tower in Thessaloniki, an ominous feeling washed over me. When we got inside, the feeling became even more eerie. This used to be a prison, where a lot of deaths happened. But now, this place is a museum filled with photos and you can learn a lot about its’ history being a fortification and a prison. There are 6 floors and a balcony that you can explore.

Open Daily: 8:00am – 8:00pm

The opening hours fluctuate with season and holidays. So, be sure to check out their website for more info.

Mount Athos Monastery

This would have never been seen by me if we were traveling by boat since no ladies or children are allowed to wander to this “Holy Mountain” peninsula. Mount Athos is an Eastern Orthodox monastery has around 1,400 monks that reside in it and take care of the property. It’s said to be one of the holiest and most spiritual places in the world. Nature is in abundance in this area as well, secluding Mount Athos from the rest of the world. We found out that the monks NEVER leave! I know that I couldn’t do that. Traveling calls to me too much! But, those monks have some dedication!

Visiting Mount Athos is a unique experience, as it offers a glimpse into a way of life that has remained largely unchanged for centuries.  There’s a lot more to learn about this place at UNESCO, if you’re interested in Mount Athos.

Mount Olympus

Each time our tires gasped the ground, it felt like it was being to slip. Our rental wasn’t meant for off roading and the further we went up the mountain, the steeper it became. Suddenly, we felt like we were almost going straight up and the tires scrambled to hold on to the road. It was starting to feel like we would be rolling backwards. So, we gave in and turned the car around.

Our views of Mount Olympus (the highest mountain in Greece ) on this trip was impeccable! Now I could see why they had the myths about the Gods and Goddesses living on it. It looked as though it touched the sky since it’s at 2,918 m. above sea level. Mount Olympus is around 80km (50 mi.) southwest from Thessaloniki and is between Thessaly and Macedonia. Discover more about this God mountain at Visit Greece, where there’s loads of information!

Vikos Aoos National Park

My eyes were amazed at the beauty of this place! How I wished we had more time to hike this wide area of nature. The water twinkled pale turquoise and the mountains on each side stood tall. What really makes this place is the Vikos Gorge! This is definitely a place for any nature lover and hiker! Find out more on the offical website and start your journey from there!

Edessa Waterfalls

Once we were in Edessa, we found this one of a kind waterfalls with such green grass surrounding it in spots. The waterfalls is about 70 meters high with a mezmerizing flow of water that hits multiple rock formations. Check out the helpful guide about Edessa here.

Delicious Greek Food

The meals here are irresistible! Their dishes are stuffed to the brim with delectable food and I cannot force myself to stop eating! I imagine, my man or I will have to be rolled back to the airport when it comes time to leave… I could feel my tummy inflating after every meal. But it is vacation time, that makes it okay, right?

The food is rich in history and flavor in every bite. Try the traditional appetizers spanakopita (spinach pie) or dolmades (stuffed grape leaves). Or, dine on moussaka (layers of eggplant, potatoes, and spiced meat) for your main dish. Another popular treat from the Greeks is tzatziki, which is made from yogurt, cucumber, garlic, and some delicious herbs.

Road trip Time

We took a road trip to Northern Greece, where Mount Olympus lay as high as it could. When we were in one of the towns, we learned of a place called Meteora. This is a place of sacred temples that are on top of mountains. That alone was wild! But when you saw it, it was hard to believe that these were created hundreds of years ago. The time when people didn’t have machinery to help with building. Besides this, we found a local spot called, Papingo Rock Pools. I’d say that our road trip was well worth it!

EN - 728x90

Papingo Rock Pools

When we found this Northern Greece gem, we were the only ones here. The pools of water in Papingo Rock Pools are crystal clear and tinted with a blue hue. It’s the erosion of rocks which made this lovely place look as it does today. Each area we ventured to within here left us breathless. The feeling of mystic and wonder engulfed my body with every step. Finding this place was such a treat! Plan your trip to Northern Greece with this as a stop! Check out Greece Travel Ideas for more information on this place and other wonderful places in Greece.


We hiked a bit from where we parked and as we got closer, we could see that the monasteries we on top of stony mountains! It looks unbelievable! Once we made it to the entrance, I found out that I had to put a skirt on. They had a box filled with skirts you can just wrap on, making it easy for visitors to respect their customs. But it did feel weird!

Meteora is just a few kilometers from Kalabaka (a town). This is yet another place of Orthodox monasteries, which these ones you can venture in. There are even tours if you’re interested! Learn more at

Visit Northern Greece!

The places we didn’t get to venture to in more depth call to me. But, I know that would be hard. So, it’s great that we had the chance to venture through Northern Greece when we did. I highly recommend visiting and enjoying the nature and breathtaking places!

Maybe someday in the future, we will get to go back here and see even more. But the world is such a big place, the future will have surprises for us. That’s part of living and that’s something that can keep you moving forward. Besides, our family has grown now and we have new journeys ahead!

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