Off the Beaten Path in Sweden: Visit an Abandoned Mine (Updated)

An eerie feeling swept over the land. We felt a breeze as we crept closer to the beginning of the trails. This is going to be a great adventure off the beaten path in Sweden you can have! The holes are overgrown and covered in a lush green. It held so much history and beauty all over the trails in this area. When we walked through one of the mines, it felt as though we were teleported to Jurassic Park since the overgrown green plants felt as though they were untouched. Some parts of the mine looked as though it was a vast unending place. I definitely didn’t want to get stuck in the mine!

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About Högbergsfältet

This place is a Nature Reserve and has been since 1979. There are some of the oldest mines throughout Värmland province here. Lake Yngen with its clear waters is close to these mines with trails spread out through the nature reserve. Back in the Middle-ages, iron ore was mined here. The biggest mine is Torskebäck mine being 215 meters deep! Woah! The tunnels were used until 1906. Wander the trails and find a tiny church with a well-maintained cemetery.

off the beaten path in Sweden to Hogbergsfaltet
Map of Högbergsfältet Nature Reserve

There is a horizontal mine that is from 1767 and it`s called, Tilas Stoll. It is named after mayor Daniel Tilas (1712-1772).  This was once used a place to extract the ore for the miners. It has an opening to help bring out the materials that were mined. A stoll is usually used to drain water from a mine.

Map of the Nature Reserve

Brochure of Högbergsfältet

Things to Do

The trails here are not well known, so it’s off the beaten path in Sweden. There are hiking trails that can lead you to overgrown mines. Or follow them to a tiny square picturesque church. There is even a belfry tower that you can visit. Or enjoy the spectacular views on top of Högberg (high mountain). There are several picnic areas off the trail and parts of the trail follow along the clear blue lake Yngen. This is a great place for the whole family!

off the beaten path in sweden
Högbergsfältet Picnic Spot

Venture into a Creepy Old Mine

We hiked to an eerie looking tunnel. A cool breeze wafted out of it and into my face. My insides flopped around, making me feel unsure about this. At the entrance stood a statue of a troll inside a little built structure. In front of him is a basket filled with pacifiers. My hubby explained it was a way to help kids grow. They would give away their pacifier to the troll and show that they don’t need it anymore.

off the beaten path in Sweden
Tilas Stoll mine entrance

As we started our journey into the mine, my adrenaline began pumping fiercely through my body. It was pitch dark in the tunnel and felt clammy. But a light was at the end, which gave me hope! Every step was getting harder to take since I didn’t know what lied at the end of the tunnel. Finally, my heart calmed as we made it out of the tunnel and to an open part of the tunnel.

My eyes filled with amazement. The beauty was like nothing I’ve ever seen! The sides of the walls are  in luscious green plants and they take over some of the ground as well. A translucent pond is in the middle of everything giving a feeling of life. I feel like we just went through time to a place that was untouched by man. This old mine is called Tilas Stoll and is the best off the beaten path in Sweden you can have.

off the beaten path in Sweden
Tilas Stoll

How to Get There

Hogbergsfaltet is about 100 miles (American miles) away from the city Filipstad. It’s tucked away, but once you find it, you’ll be amazed at this off beaten path in Sweden you can have here. There is no public transport to this nature reserve. So you’ll need to rent a car to get to it. If you’re coming from Stockholm, you can take E18.  Next, merge onto E20 and then take a left for E4. Follow signs for E18. Get off on Route 50. This will bring you there. For more detailed directions, check out google maps.

off beaten path in Sweden
Old building ruins

Best Time to Visit

The birds chirping wildly and the lush greenery coming to life is the best time to visit. So, this would be in the spring or summertime. It adds to the beauty to see the wilderness come to life. You’ll get to see wildflowers in bloom along the lake and along some of the trails. Since it is an off beaten path in Sweden, it’s not easy to find so much information on it. Locals know about this lovely place, but it hasn’t been visited by so many tourists. It is an experience worth having!

off the beaten path in sweden
Pathway in Högbergsfältet Nature Reserve

Gear Needed for Högbergsfältet Nature Reserve

Since much of the mines have been overgrown, it is best to have a good pair of hiking boots. Be prepared for Sweden´s weather and bring a rain jacket. Since it can take over a half a day to hike the trails, take a daypack with you with a water bottle. I think it’s always best to be over prepared than to not have enough. So, I’ve learned that several times, but sometimes I still forget…

off the beaten path in Sweden mines
Overgrown mines

Other Adventures in Sweden

If you loved this off the beaten path in Sweden, then you’ll love learning about the great adventures in Sweden you can have! Take to the waters on a canoe or a kayak. There is even a moose park where you get to touch the king and queen of the forest. Several National Parks throughout Sweden have breathtaking views and lovely places that can take you away from the city life. Learn more here!

Adventures Sweden

off the beaten path in Sweden
Lake Yngen

Hiking in Sweden

My passion is taking to the hiking trails and finding the beauty with being in nature. Sweden has all kinds of the trails that you can wander on.  With each trail you’ll need to know a bit about it and I can help you with it.  Just check out Hiking in Sweden. As you read this article, you’ll see that I explain the dos and don’ts when you hike in this country. Plus, I give you tips and tricks on some of the hikes that are essential to know. Check it out here!

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