The Best Places for Sweden Ski Holidays (Updated)

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The cold crisp air picks up a blows snowflakes onto my nose. It feels great since heat is emanating off of me from my skiing trip. Sweden ski holidays are loved throughout this country. It’s the time where you can take to the snow-covered mountains and hills. Many families go out in hoards, but everyone is great at keeping their distance. Plus, people are snug and fully covered in their winter gear, that helps as well. If you enjoy skiing, then Sweden is a great place to be for just that! You can find several great places to get to use a pair of skis.

Sweden Ski Holidays
Dani James (me) winter hike in Värmland county

When is it?

Anytime between December- April can be great for Sweden ski holidays to happen. In this time frame, there is a lot to see on the snowy mountains and white covered areas in Sweden. This is around the time to see the northern lights. Don’t forget to venture out sometime in the night and look up on a clear night sky if you are in Northern Sweden, it’s more likely to see them.

When it comes to winter in Sweden, the days with sunlight are shorter. Prepare for that and it really depends on where you want to ski in the country as well. The more north you go, the less sun.

Best Places to Ski in Sweden


My first adrenaline pumping time skiing was outside Torsby at Hovfjället Ski Resort, which is also a nature reserve. You can learn more about this lovely place that resides in Värmland, the county known for nature here. This is a great place for all levels and all ages. Plus, they have some great places that you can stay at.


Överbyn 63, 685 94 Torsby

Hovfjallet Ski Resort
Hovfjallet Ski Resort



Åre is one of the most popular northern places for skiers. It offers for all levels and even has other tours like, snowmobile safaris, ice climbing, and dog sledding tours. It’s worth visiting just for the sights. This is a great place for Sweden ski holidays, plus it is in central Sweden. So, it makes it easier to get to other ski resorts and to the big city, Stockholm. Learn more here!


837 52 Åre, Sweden


Sälen is popular among swedes. This one is actually six in one resorts. They are connected by four ski areas: Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen, and Hundfjället. But something to know about these are that it’s recommended for intermediate skiers. So, if you are a newbie, this is maybe not the best place to start out. It is located in South central Sweden and is about an hour away from the town, Mora. Find out more about Sälen ski resort.


780 67 Sälen, Sweden


Vemdalen is the place that is known for guaranteed snow. It may be a small resort, but many people love it here. It is located in Central Sweden and is great for the while family. There are 53 slopes, four places for the children, and several other things.  Book here now!


840 92 Vemdalen, Sweden

Places to Stay

There are all kinds of different places to stay. This depends on which ski resorts that you plan on visiting. Each one offers something different. Or you can even stay in a town or city near it. With all these options it makes it great for families during Sweden ski holidays.

Sweden ski holidays
Karlstad, in Värmland county

Cabins/ Cottages

  • If you plan on staying at Hovfjallet, then you will see that they have cottages that have 3-10 bedrooms! They offer cabins as well. If you want to get the more luxurious cottage, they have a sauna, wood burning stove, and even a sleeping loft. RV camping is yet another thing that is offered at Hovfjallet. They have this pretty near the slopes, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost.
  • Åre has several kinds of cottages ranging from cabins to villas. So, if you have Sweden ski holidays and it’s for a longer time, then it might be beneficial in renting out a place for the longer stay.
  • If you’re venturing out to Sälen, then be certain you’ll find homey cottages that you can rent. The ski lodge on Sälen offers apartments, so you stay pretty close to the slopes at all times. They’re 2-3 bedrooms that are great for families and have a private sauna.
  • Vemdalen has apartments for rent that are just about 20 meters away from the ski slopes. All the options for sleeping are family friendly, making it great for the family.
Sweden ski holidays


  • Since Hovfjallet is pretty near Torsby, they have a few hotels that you can stay at. Or it’s highly possible to find B&B there. Sunne is another town that isn’t too far away from here. That’s where I live! This town has a luxurious hotel called Selma Spa. There, it has an indoor/outdoor pool, a gym, classes, and a bar. If you really want to be pampered, they offer massages as well.
  • Åre offers several kinds of hotels and a B&B. There’s one that is only 150 meters from the ski lift. You can find a cheap hotel to a fancy one.
  • At Sälen they have several different ways to stay the night. You can stay in a hotel, hostel, and go camping with an rv.
  • There are a few different hotels to choose from near the ski slopes at Vemdalen. But many of the hotels only offer 2 beds, so if there is more of you, you may need to rent an apartment or get two rooms at the hotel.
Sweden ski holidays



Some of the greatest tours, at least my experience has been when you’re out in nature. What better way to enjoy Sweden ski holidays than exploring the wilderness there. These are a few different kinds of tours that are offered in Sweden for the wintertime.

Cross-Country Skiing in Stockholm

This tour takes up to 7 hours, so it’s a full day of exploring. While out in the snow-covered nature, you’ll get to enjoy a campfire lunch along with fika (a Swedish coffee/tea break). While you ski on the wintry ground, keep your eyes out for animal tracks. Sometimes, you’ll even be lucky enough to see some of the wild animals thriving in Sweden. They like to keep the group small so it’s manageable. This helps everyone get to know each other as well.

This includes:

  • Lunch and a Swedish fika
  • Possibly spot wild animals and their tracks
  • This is a guided tour
  • Equipment
  • Safety equipment
Sweden ski holidays
Image by Simon Matzinger from Pixabay

If this interests you then you can check it out at There, you’ll learn about where you should meet up and how you should properly dressed. For this tour, it’s a necessity to be physically fit to some degree since you’re going to be cross-skiing for several hours. Learn more about this tour here.


Ice Skating in Stockholm

This lasts a whole day out exploring the area on ice skates. You will be surrounded by beautiful nature as you wander on the frozen lake. On this tour, you will have a professional skating/safety guide person that can help you if it’s needed. Plus, you will be informed more about the area and develop the skills to keep excelling with ice skating. It’s an 8-hour ice skating program. So, it’s great for those that this would be their first time.

This includes:

  • Pick-up/ Drop-off
  • Equipment
  • Ecologically produced food from a restaurant
  • An ice-skating tour guide
  • Dry bag for your personal belongings
  • Created for small groups, more personal
Sweden ski holidays

Check out this link for more information. You can learn where you initially meet before this journey. They have directions on this website as well. Click to learn more here.


Archipelago Snowshoe Hiking in Stockholm

Yet another fun outdoor activity for the wintertime. This tour lasts for about 4 hours of treading in nature’s winter wonderland. They like to keep the groups small, so people get the feeling of it being more personal. Plus, you will have time to ask any of the questions you have or get the help that you need.

This includes:

  • Snowshoes and poles
  • Transfers with bus/car
  • Map of the area
  • Lovely photos of the tour
  • Get to venture in Stockholm’s archipelago countryside.
  • Find animal tracks in the snow and possibly see one!
  • Take a break for a fika (Swedish coffee/tea break) in epic places with hot drinks
Sweden ski holidays

If this intrigues you, then you can learn more here. You can learn where to meet for this tour and how to book it as well. This is a great experience and a fun way to take in the wintery nature. Check it out on GetYourGuide.

Adventures in Sweden

There are adventures offered throughout Sweden. If you want to learn more about some of the experiences you can have, check out Adventures in Sweden. There, you get to read of several of the things or places you can go. Or you can just learn more about the nature in Sweden. Find out more here.

Adventures Sweden

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Sweden Holiday Skiing

The tours that I recommend, I can make  a commission on. This does not change the price for you.


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