Beloi Viewpoint in Greece is a Go-to on a Clear Day

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As we progressed up the mountain in our rental car, the weather drastically changed. At first, it was just raining, but the higher we got, it turned into snow. The winds’ speed became erratic and harder. Fog had descended onto us and snow started coming down in spurts. Our journey to Beloi viewpoint wasn’t looking like a good time. But I tried to stay optimistic.

Begin the unending Trail to Beloi Viewpoint

I felt my heart drop as I watched the snow hit the car. My gut feeling said, “Don’t do it!” Suddenly, we made it to the beginning of the trail. With that, I gulped down my worries, ‘we got this!’ I thought. Quickly, I secured my rain jacket and my hiking boots. With my bad shoes and with the rain jacket, it still felt cold. But I stayed positive.

At first, it wasn’t bad. But the wind began to pick up and with it, the snow. After a few minutes, my summer pants were soaked. I wasn’t prepared for winter weather! The longer we were on this hike, the more I began to loathe it.

Beloi in Greece

Weather Vs. Me

Every step jabbed a chill throughout my body. My glasses were fogged and kept getting covered in snow that would quickly melt from the heat coming off my face. As I moved forward, my hiking boots became filled with pools of water. They weren’t waterproof anymore! I guess they lived as long as they could. 4 years is a pretty long time, so they paid off. This time was just not the best for them to be calling it quits.

Road up to Mount Olympus

My stubbornness kept me from giving up and kept me enduring the crazy weather. Sometimes I would try to wipe off my glasses. But as soon as I put them back on, they would just fog up again.

Time was moving slower than expected and I was just wishing for the end to come. Hours passed and at times I felt we were lost. The path was unmarked, so that left our journey in the hands of my man’s inner compass, since my inner compass is broken. When we had reception, google maps helped a little. We walked up little hills, rocky terrain, and flooded areas. The area was used as farmlands for sheep and cattle. At times, we would see sheep running in the stormy weather.

The Chill is Calling

I was just about to give in, my fingers we’re becoming numb. One last climb up some boulders, and then we made it to the end, Beloi viewpoint. But our view was destroyed by the fog and the wind began whipping through the air. I could imagine that this spot would be beautiful on a nice day, but not for us. Our time here was limited. I couldn’t last long here, the wind picked up speed and wouldn’t let up.

Prepare for Beloi Viewpoint Trail

That was a nightmare walk. I was not prepared for snow with my summer clothes and rain jacket.

First, check the weather! Don’t forget to bring warmer clothes. Of course we know this, but did we do these things? No!

Sometimes even if you check the weather though, there can be unexpected changes. So it’s always good to bring different kinds of clothes. It was an experience. Now, we both know a little more of what we can handle. This would be a great hike, if it’s good weather in Northern Greece up in the mountains.

Beloi Viewpoint in Greece

Best Gear to Bring

First of all, always have a rain jacket. I was lucky enough that I had one with me. A rain jacket also can be used as a wind protector. Another good tip is make sure your hiking boots are durable still. I should have done that with my boots. Just assuming that they’re still good when you know they’re old doesn’t always work. A good pair of hiking boots will save you on any hike. Lastly, a water bottle is a definite need. Even on small hikes, it pays off to be able to hydrate yourself.

If you’re wanting to learn more about good hiking gear to have, then check out Hiking gadgets.

kebnekaise hike
Hiking to the Fjällstation, then Kebnekaise

Best Outdoor Gadgets

Hiking in Sweden

Have you ever wanted to explore Sweden and its abundance of nature? Then, check out hiking in Sweden and learn about some of the best hiking trails there. If you’re a nature lover like me, then you’ll fall in love with the wilderness in this lovely country.

Explore a Country

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