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Explore Swedish National Parks – Take in Nature’s Beauty (Updated)

September 9, 2022

A feeling of relief washes over me as stress begins seeping out of my body. I’m engulfed in a relaxing sensation as we wander through Swedish National Parks within Sweden. Some have ancient forests standing tall, while others have areas that are the remains of a forest fire long ago or recently. Each National Park …


Glaskogen Nature Reserve- Engulfed with Outdoor Adventures for Everyone! (Updated)

September 9, 2022

A calming breeze carried the melody coming from the birds as we began canoeing in Glaskogen Nature Reserve. Beauty surrounds us as we paddle through the translucent water. There are several great places to go canoeing or kayaking. Plus, in many places in this nature reserve, there are all kinds of levels of hiking you …


Misfit Wanders

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Misfit Wanders

Misfit Wanders

I´m a kooky girl that likes to travel. I grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. Then moved to Northern California for about 5 years. But now, it's going on 5 years living in Sweden with my hubby and our furbabies, plus our little boy and my mom has joined our crew! Over the pandemic time, it has been hard to travel. Thus, my travel blog had been at a stand still. I started going to a University and I had a baby. Now I'm on a different kind of adventure. But my family and I plan on traveling when we can still. Traveling is something I cherish. New adventures is what keeps me moving, that and a stubbornness. I have a weird sense of humor if you haven´t figured that out from my posts. My writing can be perplexing, but I like to tell stories, and the best way is from my own experiences. So sit back and relax, as you take a spin through my hikes or enjoy following my footsteps as I wander in different countries! Most of my writings will be focused on hikes and the outdoors in Sweden.

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