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It felt as though we had just jumped back into time as we began hiking the trails in Hamra National Park. Bogs were everywhere and it’s common to see wildlife here. You can overlook a beautiful lake from a man made path. Or get up close to the clear lake on wooden boards that are part of a trail. Life erupts from the forest as we venture further into the area. Most of the walk is relatively flat and not so hard. In the distance, I heard some honks, and then we saw birds flying in unison. Two cranes were high in the sky descending to the water near us. It’s so magical being surrounded by nature!

Hamra National Park

About Hamra National Park

As you wander through Hamra National Park, you’ll get to see swamps, forests, streams, and rocks spread out across the 1,383 hectares of land. This park has one of the untouched forests in central Sweden. Venture to a vantage point tower that overlooks the swampy land. Or follow the man made trail to a deck that hangs over the side to bring you closer to the view. They have three entrances that are accessible for handicapped with information about the area and restrooms. Hamra National Park is the first park to get a gold crown, which is near the main entrance. This means that it’s filled with beautiful nature and has created a great experience for the visitors that come to see the park.

There is wild cotton you can see in the summertime in parts of the park as you hike. This area is also known as the place in Sweden with the most bears. So, you might be lucky and find bear tracks. It’s very rare to meet a bear and if you’re scared, then make noise while you’re venturing through the forest. That deters bears and makes them want to stay away from the sound.

Urskogslingan Trail

Things to Do in Hamra National Park

Once you wander to Hamra National Park, you’ll find there are great things you can do out in the wilderness. There are hiking trails waiting to be explored, grill out spots, and beautiful views to take in. It’s a great place for the whole family and there is parking at each of the 3 entrances.

Picnic or Grill Out

Wind protection areas are in Hamra National Park along with bonfire areas and resting areas. Take in the beautiful nature as you roast up some food on the fire or sit back and enjoy the views with family and friends at one of these spots. This peaceful place has some bonfire areas near the entrances, so you don’t have to walk too far to begin grilling up some tasty food!

Hiking Trails

Each trail brings you through the variety of nature that’s offered in Hamra National Park. Take to the swamps or wander to some great viewpoints. All of the trails loop, making it easy to get back to where you started. One of the trails will take you through the oldest growth of trees, while another will show you a charcoal area where a fire once was. They have signs posted in some areas so you can learn more about that specific part of the park.

Hamra National Park
Hamra National Park Hiking Trails Map

1.     Hamraleden

Difficulty: Hard – Distance: 10km- Duration: Approx. 6 hours one way

This trail goes through the whole Hamra National Park. You get to see the swampy lands, forests, and other parts of the nature on this path. It can be difficult since on the trail it can be hard to see some of the markings. This path is marked with red on trees and signs that has a dot. The trail connects with a few of the other trails, so you can always switch. You can start this path from the main entrance or the Svartå entrance.

Hamra National Park
Hamraleden Trail

2.     Urskogslingan

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 2 or 3km- Duration: 40-60 min. (roundtrip)

This trail is pretty easy and it brings you to a nice viewpoint where you get to see the lake Svansjön. On this trail they use yellow markings with two dots for it and this path loops around. You can get to this trail from the main entrance.

Hamra National Park
Urskogslingan Trail

3.     Svartåslingan

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 1 or 2km- Duration: Approx. 40-60 min. (roundtrip)

This trail brings you to a wonderful viewpoint. At first, the trail is easy until it passes a bridge. Then it becomes a little more difficult. On this trail, orange markings with three dots are used and you’ll see them wrapped around trees. Yet another one of the trails that loops. Start this trail from Svartå entrance and wander through the rocky terrain.

4.     Myrslingan

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 2.5km- Duration: Approx. 60 min. (roundtrip)

The markings on this trail are purple with four dots and you can see them on trees and signs near the path. Walk through a beautiful forest and see some of the swampy areas. This is a more common trail and on it, is the picturesque view of the deck that hangs over nature. This is relatively easy with a flat path almost the whole way on the loop. Since you go through boggy parts of the nature, you walk on boards instead of the ground. This trail starts at the main entrance and circles back there.

Hamra National Park
Myrslingan Trail

5.     Långa Myrslingan

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 3km- Duration: Approx. 1-2 hours (roundtrip)

Hike through the wettest parts of Hamra National Park on this trail. While you wander on this trail, you’ll see that it uses blue markings with five dots to help direct you. You can start this trail from the Myr entrance. This trail loops, making it easy to get back to where you started from.

Best Season to Go to Hamra National Park

Each season can be a splendid new experience in Hamra National Park. In spring, life awakens and the sky is filled with chirping and the waking of the animal life. It’s a good time to see the snow melting away and the colors begin to engulf the wilderness. Unlike springtime, summertime is the most popular time to visit. This is when flowers are in bloom and insects can be in abundance, so don’t forget bug spray.

We visited in mid-July and the views were amazing to take in as we hiked the trails. Speckles of white covered the ground. There was wild cotton all over on some of the trails! It’s cool to see all the life that comes out in the summer time.

Hamra National Park

The heat from the sun was calmed by a nice breeze that went over the land. In areas of the trails, we were shaded by the trees, which relaxed me from the warmth. Even the winter here is a great time to explore. You can take to the snow on skis or by a dog sled. But be wary, make sure if you go with a dog sled that the dogs are treated humanely and with care.

Recommended Gear

Marshes and the swampy areas are best to hike in waterproof hiking boots. I have used a great pair that I recommend highly! My Oboz hiking boots have saved me countless times from getting soaked feet. Another must have item as you hike the trails is a handy dandy water bottle. If you plan on hiking for hours on end, then you definitely need to keep yourself hydrated. A day pack helps if you plan on hiking for a while, so you have a place to store snacks, water, etc.

Check out Hiking Gadgets to learn about other useful things for hiking. Or you can check out my shop, which has some helpful items when traveling or exploring the outdoors. There’s even items that are for daily life. Check them out here.

Hamra National Park
Man made trail to help with the wet ground

How to Get to Hamra National Park

The best way to get to Hamra National Park is to drive. Be sure to rent a car and start your journey to one of the nicest National Parks. If you’re starting in Stockholm, it will take you about 5 hours to reach the park. Take E4 to Gävleborgs län. You’ll be on this route for at least 2 hours. Then, keep following the road to get onto Road 83 and stay on this for 2 hours. If you want more detailed directions, then check out google maps.

Rent a Car

Helpful Information

Here’s a brochure of Hamra National Park so you can learn even more about it. You can download it here.

Adventures in Sweden

If you’re looking for more adventures or to find out more about other National Parks in Sweden, then check out Adventures in Sweden. This will tell you where you can go for some great outdoor experiences! Or if you just want to explore nature, this will help you learn more about it.

Adventures Sweden


Hiking in Sweden

Are you a hiking lover like me? Then, it’s best to learn what you can do while hiking in Sweden. Check out my article to learn more. I have some great hikes that I have done in Sweden, along with vital information when you’re out in nature. It’s a helpful article full of information! Check it out here! Plus, there are loads of trails and more information on National Parks and Nature Reserves here as well.

Hiking Sweden

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Hamra National Park
Hamra National Park
Hamra National Park

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