Traveling with Kids? You Need a Kids Adventure Story

Any family traveling needs this kids adventure story that will occupy the little ones time while traveling or taking a break from the road. Just like traveling, the main character goes on a journey and learns new things on his way back home. But unlike a planned trip, Drake Dragon’s trip was NOT planned. Thus, he had to figure out a way to get back home. Many kids love adventures and magical animals. So, this would be perfect for any little one. In this article I explain the book in more detail and the reasons that it’s the best book to have for the children!

Is it Good to Have a Book for Kids While Traveling?

While you and your family venture around in a new country or have a long flight, children’s attention span is limited. They get bored easily and that’s when bothering mamma or pappa become the regular thing. I know that feeling, on a flight with a little one and wishing that it was shorter. But I found a way to crack this! At least, some of the time.

Books! As long as the books are interesting, it can occupy my little boy for some time. Now, I don’t travel with a wide array of books. I usually choose up to two, since books take a lot of space, and they can get heavy. Besides that, I tend to have some toys, a coloring book, and crayons for him as well.

Physical Book Vs. Electronic Device

Personally, I like physical books and for the little ones, this tends to be better in many ways. There have been studies done that say there are, “higher quality interactions between parents and young children while reading traditional books over digital apps. A printed version of a book can help children fall in love with books and have a hands-on experience. It also can help keep the focus of the children’s attention since electronic devices usually have a lot of extra things besides just books on them.

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Nowadays, the electronic world is becoming bigger than ever, and with it, more e-books are used. There are benefits to e-books compared to printed as well. An e-book can help kids learn words early on, since it can be more interactive. Along with that, an electronic device has lights and buttons, which can make it more rewarding for the little ones.

But something to consider is that it’s not recommended to give an e-book to your kiddo before bed. The blue lights are stimulating and make it hard for them to sleep. This is the same for adults as well. You’ll have to decide for yourself if a physical book or e-book is right for your child.

Get a Kids Adventure Story

A kids adventure story for a the genre of a book will immediately excite any little adventurer! This sort of book is the way to go when traveling, since you’re family is already going on an adventure. Traveling is an adventure in itself. So, a kid could recognize that they’re on a journey similar to the one in the story. Since they can relate with the story, it can make it much more enjoyable to read! The little one can make connections with the story as your family enjoys your trip. Plus, it’s something to help deal with the boring parts of traveling.


The Lost Little Dragon Adventure Story

A great kids adventure story that I recommend would be The Lost Little Dragon! This 8.5 x 8.5 book with 32 pages takes you on a journey with a stubborn dragon named Drake, who thinks he can do anything without any help. But when he gets lost in a storm and can’t find his way home, he soon realizes that he NEEDS help.

Kids from 3-6 years old can wander through the nature with the little dragon and learn how someone should ask for help and that they should listen to their parents. There are valuable lessons to take away from the story as Drake Dragon meets new friends that help him get back home. Since the main character goes on a journey, this would be similar when your kid is traveling with the family. Which makes it a fun book to have on your next trip! It’s now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

A paperback and ebook are offered on Amazon, while on Barnes & Noble there’s a hardback and an ebook.

Watch a Video of The Story and Read Along!

There are two great Youtube channels that have created videos where they read “The Lost Little Dragon” out loud. Both of them are great and I highly recommend it.

You can check them out here!

Dixy’s Storytime World

Lulu’s Storytime

The Lost Little Dragon
The Lost Little Dragon

About the Author

Now, you may be wondering, why should I get this book? Is the author any good? Well, I wrote the book and I’ve been writing articles, stories, and anything in between since 2017. I’ve always had a passion for writing since I was little and now, I’ve turned it into a job! The Lost Little Dragon is my first children’s book. But that doesn’t mean it’s not of any value. Far from it! I’m studying to become an English teacher and have had experience writing as I said earlier.

Plus, when I completed writing the story the first time, I had people proofread over it several times. I think I have changed the story over 50 times, at least! It’s also been professionally edited and since it’s my first book, I did the illustrations first before editing the story. That was a big mistake on my part. But now, everything flows smoothly together! If you want to learn more about me, then check out my about Misfit Wanders.

Besides studying to become a teacher, I’m a mom of a 2-year-old who has grown up with a love for books! I’ve read him this story several times and it’s always fun to see him growl as if he was the dragon or start to make owl sounds when we meet the wise owl. I’ve had my book on a trial run with kids while I was editing, and they seemed to enjoy it as well. So, why not try out this kids adventure story on your next trip with your little one?


Now, you have a book planned to buy for your next trip but you’re not sure how to start the planning. Then, check out my travel page. There, I break down the must dos for any traveling that you might plan. Plus, I have articles that are from my experiences while traveling to other countries. They can spark some inspiration for your next trip. On top of that, I mention a bit about traveling with kids.

Now, don’t forget that it’s always best to research the country that you’re traveling to before heading there. Especially if you’re a family with small ones. That might be my mamma bear side talking, but it’s always good to be extra cautious when you have small kiddos. Anyway, get some other helpful advice from my Travel page!

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The Lost Little Dragon
The Lost Little Dragon

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