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The sun shines down warming me up in the park. Hordes of people with families all have the same idea, go to the National Park. When journeying out into the wilderness, it’s best to have the right outdoor gear for Sweden. This can help you with hiking, outdoor activities, and camping. Especially if the sunny day turns into a dark and rainy day. And in Sweden, the weather is not always on your side.

As they say in Sweden, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

Near Enoks on our way to Fjallstation (Mountain Station)

About Sweden

National Parks cover about a tenth of Sweden and there’s over 4,000 nature reserves. You could say that swedes love nature. But that’s an understatement. Nature is a part of their culture. Going outside in all kinds of weather doesn’t bother many swedes. Plus, they tend to enjoy many different outdoor activities, no matter the season. Since nature is ingrained into their culture, they produce 55% of renewable energy. It’s pretty common to recycle throughout Sweden and go on an outing with the family.

Nature in Sweden

If you’re a nature lover, then Sweden is the place to be! 63% of Sweden is covered in forests. So, outdoor gear in Sweden is a must. Swedes grow up with a respect for the wilderness and many learn at a young age to treat nature with kindness. On top of this, Sweden was the first country in 1967 to pass an environmental protection act. Carbon emissions and pollution has been limited, while Swedish economy grows. Sweden has learned how to work with nature. You can learn more about Sweden and its way of saving the climate here.

Swedish forest

Camping in Sweden

There are plenty of places you can camp in the National Parks. Be sure to check that you’re in a designated camping area. The rest of the land is preserved, as to not disrupt nature. This country has a great law, Allemansrätten, which allows anyone the right to access. This means you can camp anywhere out in nature as long as you have respect for the area and the people living near. Make sure you have the right clothes with you depending on the season as well.

Outdoor gear sweden
Camping at the Fjällstation (bottom of Kebnekaise)

Don’t destroy living plants or trees. If you plan on creating a fire, take dead branches. And don’t leave any trash behind once you leave. Finally, you’re allowed to stay in the same spot up to two days. As I said earlier, National Parks have designated places for camping and the same goes for many of the nature reserves. But any other place full of wilderness, you can camp anywhere!

Outdoor Gear Sweden

Since the time of the season plays a huge role in nature, you’re going to need outdoor gear in Sweden to cope with the weather. This also depends on where in Sweden you’re at. Some places might have a lot more wind, while other places may have more mountains. Be sure to check out the weather before you begin your adventure out in nature. Check out some of the outdoor gear and travel gear that’s in the shop.

Spring Gear

Flowers begin to come to life from the wintry cold. Colors take over fields of plants as they bloom. Even with a brisk chilly air, life is brought back to the wilderness in this season. In much of Sweden, this is the time for a light jacket and pants. Any season can have rain, so it’s always good to have a rain jacket with you. Outdoor gear in Sweden for Springtime would depend on how long and what you decide to do. If you plan on hiking for more than a day, I highly recommend a good pair of waterproof boots. This is great to have for any season.

Tyresta National Park

I used to hike in crappy shoes and my friend at the time, (who’s my hubby now) told me that I needed to wear better shoes. I reluctantly bought hiking shoes for over 100 dollars! That was a lot for me, especially then! But I would never take back buying those shoes because my feet felt like they were walking on clouds as I hiked up and down the trails.

Spring Gear for Outdoor Activities

Summer Gear

Birds chirp away as they fly back and forth in the forest. The wind picks up and sounds are carried with it. There is sweat that drips down my face with each step we take. Nowadays in the summer, the sun beats down and heats everything up. The blaze from the sun can feel unbearable at times. That’s when it’s best to have the best outdoor gear in Sweden. Jump in a lake to cool off. Or start hiking into the shadows of a forest. A heads up, there are areas in Sweden that are known for having a plethora of mosquitoes during summertime. This would be in Northern Sweden. Be sure to pack bugspray and sunscreen. Plus, don’t forget a water bottle to fight off dehydration in the scorching sun.

Viewpoint at Hovfjället Nature Reserve


Summer Gear for Outdoor Activities

Fall Gear

The days start to become shorter, and with it, less warmth. The leaves in the forests begin to change colors. Red leaves start to appear along with oranges and brown. The lively green slowly changes and starts to get ready for a cold slumber. My eyes light up when these colors fill nature. It looks so cozy to me and everything begins to prepare for wintertime. It’s good to have extra gear with you in the fall. These days can be chilly, and the nights can be even below freezing. But this depends on where you are in Sweden and what the weather forecast is. As right now in Sweden (2022), the fall has been warmer than normal.

Kil Hike
Dani hiking in Kil, Sweden with Salomon running shoes

Fall Gear for Outdoor Activities

Winter Gear

The wilderness is in a slumber. White snow covers the forestry floor and the whooshing sounds of skiers echo in the distance as they go down icy slopes. A chill lingers in the air and the only way to warm is by doing something. Take to the hills or start the engine of a ski mobile. Some of the National Parks are known for their winter activities.

outdoor gear sweden
Winter camping near a lake

Dog sledding is another one that’s common in certain parts of Sweden. If you plan on trying that out, be sure to go with a company or local people that consider the well-being of the animals. Some are mistreated or are only allowed out when there is a customer. Wintertime is the best time to have layers of outdoor gear on your person. Long johns are a must along with a top layer. You might get too warm once you work up a sweat. But it’s best to have more than less.

Winter Gear for Outdoor Activities

Hiking Gadgets

If you’re planning a hiking trip, then hiking gadgets are important and can be a necessity. I talk about several of the gadgets that I have used in this article. You can learn about the pros of it and decide if it would be good for you. Check out Hiking Gadgets!

Best Outdoor Gadgets

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Outdoor Gear Sweden
Outdoor Gear Sweden

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