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The sun casts its rays down on the path waiting for our group to take it on. I hear giggling between the banter as we begin our hike. Sweden hiking tours can be filled with fun and it’s a great way to meet new people that have similar interests as you travel. Solo traveling, as I do often, can lead you feeling lonely. But I’ve found that going on a hiking tour or any outdoorsy tour, I end up finding lifelong friends! Plus, you get to enjoy the nature with likeminded people.

The best thing about being on a tour is that you get to learn more about the area from your guide. Since I’m always filled with questions, this fills my curiosity. You get to learn more about the culture of Sweden and its nature in several of the tours. Just thinking about it makes me excited!

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Is this your first time venturing to Sweden? If you want to learn more about Hiking in Sweden, check the link out. You’ll learn more about the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ while you hike in Sweden’s nature.

Hiking Sweden


Sweden Tours

Outdoor Activities in Stockholm

As you venture in Stockholm, you can take to the streets with bikes. There’s a  tour that lasts about 3 hours and you’ll get to see the major attractions in the city. Or enjoy Stockholm from the water as you go on a kayak tour for up to 8 hours. If you have a lot of time to spare, then take on the full day Archipelago sailboat tour. Sometimes things look better when you’re on the water! Archipelago means a cluster of islands. I didn’t know that for the longest time, so I figured I would let you know if didn’t already know! Check out GetYourGuide to learn about all the tours offered in Stockholm. Check it out here!


Tiveden National Park


There’s even a wild safari offered, where you get to munch on a Swedish Midsummer meal. This hike through nature will last around 4 hours. Sweden hiking tours are my favorite! Being in the nature helps you turn off the brain from all the stresses in life, plus the nature in Sweden is worth a visit. Check out outdoor activities in Stockholm to go on hikes, biking, or kayaking tours!

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Outdoor Tours

Multiday trips in Sweden

If you’re planning on staying in Sweden for a while, then try out one of the multiday trips that are offered. There’s a full day excursion with kayaks, where you get to explore the archipelago outside of Stockholm. With a kayak, you get to see it from a different view than you would on land. Lunch is included and a taxi ride to the starting point.

Or if you’re a fan of Viking history, then the half day tour from Stockholm is just for you! On this tour, you’ll learn more about the history that was impacted by Vikings and see ancient runes while you hike the beautiful Swedish land. Take on a history tour that’s approximately 5 hours where you start in Stockholm and go to Markim-Orkestra. Learn more about the Bronze age, Viking age, and Viking history from the tour guide. Transportation is included but not lunch, you’ll make a stop at Farm restaurant. Check it out here!


Stockholm, Sweden


These are multiday trips on a sailboat, kayaks, snow excursions, and hiking trips. Take in the wonderful history of Sweden and its nature with these wonderful places.

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Multi-day Tours

Kiruna Adventure Tours

If you plan on heading north in Sweden, then don’t miss the chance to go snowmobiling! In Kiruna a 5-hour tour involves riding snowmobiles at high speeds. Don’t worry, it’s made for beginners! Learn more here!

Or in Kiruna, you can go on a dog sledding excursion! That made my adrenaline pump so hard when I tried it the first time with my friend’s sledding dogs. The dogs get filled with such excitement. It seems nothing can stand in their way when they’re hooked onto the sled and ready for the action. But, be weary. There are some dog sledding tours that are offered that mistreat the dogs. Look into it before you decide on a tour!
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There are great tours for going up Kebnekaise! This is the highest mountain in Sweden. Check out Kebnekaise Hike to learn more about the trails and to prepare for it. Check it out here!

Sweden Hiking Tours

Lastly, my favorite, Sweden hiking tours! Follow a tour guide into the nature surrounding the outskirts of Stockholm for two days. You’ll see the outdoors you wouldn’t want to miss. As the first day comes to an end, you’ll get the opportunity to sleep in a tent near a beautiful lake. What a great place to wake up! The sun cascading down on you and your tent, bringing life to the area. On this hike, the guide will show you how to make a fire and explain more about the nature surrounding you. Meals are included along with pickup and drop off in Stockholm Central.

Or go on a day long nature hike outside of Stockholm on another trail. Get a lunch cooked on a fire as you get a chance to rest in nature’s beauty! Check it out here!

Tour in Västerås

You can check out the all-inclusive 2-day tour in Västerås as well. Take in the wonderful Bergslagen forest as you hike. Wander through meadows and pass lakes while your tour guide leads the way. On this hike you’ll do parts of the Bergsleden hiking trail (not all), which is 250km long (155 miles). There’s overnight accommodation, transportation to hiking starting point, compass, map, and meals. If you’re traveling with family, this hike is family friendly. Learn more of guided hikes throughout Sweden here.

Multi-day Tours

See Gnesta outside of Stockholm

If you have some time for a longer hike outside of Stockholm, then this is it. This 2-day hike is in Gnesta and is an easy one to do. As you hike through the forests, you’ll notice how peaceful is it. Sweden has about 69% of its land as forests or wilderness. So, you can imagine walking into it. It feels very welcoming and it’s a great escape from the busy life. Meals and transportation are included on this hike.

Learn more about this hike below.

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View at Skutberget


Not too far away from Stockholm are the forests. On this full day hike, you get to venture in that nature. With this hike, delicious food is included, plus you have a chance to jump in the lake and enjoy the clear water. They offer a summer hike and a winter hike depending on the season.

This hiking tour starts at True Nature Sweden AB, go to the link to find out more.

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Kiruna Hiking Tours

The beautiful Abisko National Park awaits. This resides near Kiruna and there is a 6-hour beginner hike tour that’s available so you can explore with a local. Venture through Lapland’s Alpine wilderness. Lunch is included along with the bus ride from Kiruna to the National Park.

You don’t want to miss this, so check it out!

Visit Abisko National Park

There are other Sweden Hiking tours that are near Kiruna. Another one is where you get to venture to Kebnekaise Valley. The tour is for beginners and lasts about 6 hours. Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain, so it’s a definite must see in person. The hike involves you wandering to the lake Ladjojaure, where you’ll get to have a nice lunch that’s included with the trip. The bus ride from Kiruna to the starting point, Nikkaluokta is also included. Take in the wonders of nature with this tour!

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Visit Kebnekaise Mountain

Have you been wanting to hike in Sweden, but you’re unsure how it is in the country? You can learn more about some of the do’s and dont’s  here!

Hiking Sweden


Sweden tours


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