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A day out in nature can’t be fully enjoyed unless you’re dressed appropriately. The wind whips through the trees and a sigh of relief leaves me as I clutch my Swedish outdoor clothing. With my rain jacket, I’m also protected from the wind. It’s pretty handy to have the right gear when you decide to go out and travel the outdoors. Each outdoor clothing has it’s pros and cons. You’ll just have to find out what’s best for you, and in Sweden, they have some great gear since they have all of the seasons.

Swedish Outdoor Clothing
Dani at Glaskogen Nature Reserve


This Swedish outdoor clothing is probably one of the most popular. In the 1950s, the creator of FjällRäven, Åke Nordin was left with a disappointment with the backpack planned on using for a hiking trip. It was uncomfortable and didn’t fit well with his body. So, off he went to his mother’s sewing machine and created his own backpack. He had researched more into how weight should be positioned in a backpack and added support straps. Since he did such a good job, this got the attention of the indigenous Sami people. This was the beginning of this great brand and now it has been established since 1960.

Hiking Pants

If you need some pants with durability, then these will give you just that! Personally, I have a few of the pants myself. One has zips on the sides that you can unzip to have more air flow. They are great if you’re on a hike in the summer with the sun blazes down. My other pair gives me stretchability and a side pocket, which comes in handy! I would say that these are one of the best Swedish outdoor clothing out there. It can be pricey, but it will last you for a long time.

Durable Jackets

The kinds of jackets that are offered vary from something lightweight for spring weather to down jackets that help you stay warm in the winter chill. Just like all of the other products by FjällRäven, they are created to withstand a lot and last for years. Which can make up for the price. If you’re planning a trip and you plan on being in the snow or cold for long periods of time, then you definitely need to have the right Swedish outdoor clothing. That will save you from getting chilled to the bone and keep you feeling like a walking heater.


Everday Backpacks

Fjällräven’s Kånken backpack is famous worldwide. It has been seen as a trusted essential for any kind of adventure. Originally, it was created to help kids have a better backpack in school. Since then, it has been recognized as a handy small back that you can use for hiking, camping, school, shopping, or just about anything. When I travel to other countries, it’s very common for me to spot these bags. At first, I thought that the people must be from Sweden! So, I began speaking Swedish and they stared at me like I was crazy. I found out that they weren’t from Sweden. Whoops!

I traveled with my niece and she had to get the backpack. She let me try it out and it is a great little bag that’s great for short hikes and all the traveling that we did. I would highly recommend it if you need a lightweight small durable bag.


A vision to have durable Swedish outdoor clothing that can withstand Scandinavian weather is what started this brand. It was founded in 1891 in Helsingborg. Tretorn has developed products that are for practicality and for city folk to nature lovers. The Dunker family started Tretorn at a rubber factory with just 52 workers. At first, the shoes were created to help the farmers that didn’t have durable shoes that could take on the Swedish weather. As these were produced, farmers from all over Sweden could keep their feet dry and warm from the Galoshes shoes. Swedes are known for recycling and reusing. Tretorn began telling people to give them their old rubber shoes. Which, they regenerated into new rubber shoes! Now, some of their products they have are eco-friendly. I have a pair of these that are insolated! They’re great for work outdoors, especially when it’s a bit chilly!

They offer sneakers, boots, jackets, and bags.

Rubber Boots

With the rubber boots, you’ll have no worry in the rain or snow. This is what started it for Tretorn. Along with the rubber boots, sneakers were created and have been used in tennis.

Quickly thereafter, tennis balls were created.

Peak Performance

Three skiers from Åre (a mountain village) got together and thought that there should be more Swedish outdoor clothing that had functionality and that had a simple style. Plus, they wanted to be able to stay on ski resorts for longer periods of time without getting cold. The three of them turned into four and that’s when they began making clothes for themselves, family, and friends. On top of the stylish clothes, it also had durability to the unpredictable weather. This company was created in 1986 and now is a well-known company that cares about functionality and not just style.

They have casual clothes to outdoor clothes. Layers are important when it comes to the cold, and Peak Performance has it all! You can find down vests, jackets, and outer shell coats and pants. They have specific clothing for skiers, outdoor lovers, and for just casual. The clothing is created to handle the weather depending on which items you go for.


A son of a forester, Wiktor Haglöf, was convinced that, “…for something to be really good, you had to make it yourself.” He had a vision to help the ones that had to endure the outdoors not by choice, but to make ends meet. The gear was created with in mind to have sustainablilty, durability, and functionality. He felt that outdoor gear needs to help a person withstand the weather and make it bearable to work out in the outdoors, even when the weather isn’t on your side. This brand was founded in 1914 and is known as one of the largest outdoor gear suppliers worldwide. They offer durable shoes, backpacks, jackets, and other Swedish outdoor clothing.


Since my niece had never backpacked, let alone traveled out of country, I helped her find a good backpack for our trip. Haglöfs is the one that we decided on and it could carry more than 35 liters, which made it look huge on her tiny frame. As we traveled, she never had issues with discomfort or pains from the heavy load. It lasted the whole trip and to this day, she still has it without any problems.

Helly Hansen

This brand technically comes from Norway, but it made a huge hit in Sweden as well as in Norway. At the age of 14, Helly Hansen had been at sea. When he was 35 years old, him and his wife began making oilskin jackets and pants. They created an insolation layer, which would be worn under waterproof gear. After this, they made a three-layer system of gear to wear to withstand the weather. Survival suits were developed to help oil workers that were in the North Sea. Helly Hansen company was founded in 1877. Nowadays, the company was sold to Canadian Tire. But they still create outdoor gear for all types of weather.

This brand also makes survival gear and rescue gear. Since it has become popular, this brand has turned into a trend for street wear and not only for outdoor gear. I didn’t know anything about this brand until I moved to California. Then I began to see it a lot. When I moved to Sweden, it was around me even more. When my hubby, our little boy, and I planned to go traveling, we needed good rain jackets. The one that I found is great and covers a lot of me! Helly Hansen knows have to make it stylish and durable!

kebnekaise hike
Birk and Dani hiking to the Fjällstation, then Kebnekaise

Hiking Gadgets

This article, I talk about some of the gear I recommend for hiking. This stuff has helped me many times while hiking in Sweden. Check out Hiking Gadgets to learn more. There’s some of the gear that really helped me get by while the weather changed. Other items just made it easier to eat.

Best Outdoor Gadgets

Hiking in Sweden

If you’re planning on traveling to Sweden or just wandering out in nature, then check out Hiking in Sweden. I have some great hiking trails that I’ve personally done! Plus, I talk about some of the most known trails in the nature filled Sweden. The nature province, Värmland, is a place you don’t want to miss! Outdoor adventures and hikes galore!

Hiking Sweden

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Swedish Outdoor Clothing

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