The Painful Battle up Yosemite Trail in California (Updated)

Experience the Yosemite trail through my eyes as I try taking on this trail with my hubby and doggie. A heads up, this was some time after my car accident which gave me a traumatic brain injury. Relive through my stubbornness and see the trail in a different light.

The Beginning of the Journey up Yosemite Trail

We are surrounded by steep steps that keep climbing higher and higher. Before the hike began, we discussed in only doing the lower Yosemite falls trail, which changed as we hiked…

Once the hike started, I was doing fine. But the more we climbed, the more a pounding began in my head. Trying to keep up with Clyde (my dog) and my husband was turning into a bad idea. All I could feel was the thumping in my head. I had to stop.

My husband gazes back at me, “Go on, I’m going to have to take some time.” I say to him. He finally reluctantly leaves me behind with Clyde at his heels. I would get there on my own time.

After some time had passed with me resting, I began once again. But soon, I had to rest again, and again. My body could do it, but my head, my head was not having it! Every time I stopped, it was because the pain was roaring inside my brain.


Reflection on My Body Vs. Hiking

It has been almost three years since I have even been able to do this much hiking.

I was in a 7 car pile up back then. So, I’m lucky to be able to walk at all. The pain now is nothing compared to the pain I had back then. But I’m still nothing like how I used to be. Physiologically, this puts a toll on you over time. Especially when you have been trying to get better, even when it has gotten tough. But Never Give Up!

A few times I almost gave up, but I reassured myself that I could do it. I began a chant inside my head, ‘slow and steady wins the race.” I’m thankful for the children’s book, “The Turtle and the Hare”.

The trail was frequented often. Which meant that many people were going up and down in herds. But it dwindled down the higher I got. When I tried keeping up with some of the groups, that helped my morale. ‘I am not totally broken! Look I’m at their speed!’ I would say.

The Lower Falls and It’s Wonders

Finally, an opening emerges. I have made it to the lower falls! It was breathtaking! The waterfalls tumbles down, giving off a cold mist. Trees were on the opposite side of the panoramic view. I take in a deep breath. The air feels nice here, calm. But I realize there’s no man of mine, or dog here. I must push on, to the end. After I rested a bit, I began the rocky trail to the top of the falls. After a while of trudging upward, every step was beginning to make a booming pound in my entire head. It felt as though it was growing from the inside with every thrum of pain.

When it was needed, and I could bare it no longer, I rested. Then I started the journey all over from where ever I had stopped. Some of the people I passed helped me stay optimistic by saying, “You’re about halfway!”

“Take your time, it will still be there for you to see!”

I Made it to my Prize on the Yosemite Trail

This trip was beginning to feel like an eternity! Finally, I was about 20-30 minutes from the top. I stopped to take a rest. As I was working on catching my breath, I caught a glimpse of my hubby in his bright green jacket with Clyde at his side walking towards me. My body was filled with relief and happiness. I have made it to my prize! Although, I was suppose to make it to them, not the other way around. He had come back down to see if I needed help. Being so close to the top, I couldn’t stop now. So I kept pushing. We went to the top together this time. The upper falls was spectacular! It was like being in a place untouched by man. In the distance, you could see trees spread out on mountains.

This rough terrain trail was 9 ½ miles to the top and back to the bottom.

We did it!

Learn More About Yosemite Trail

You can learn more about this trail at Here, they give you an overlook of the trail and other trails there. It even lets you know if there is a rock slide, parking issues and other problems that could occur in the area.

Explore Sweden and its Nature

Nowadays, I live in Sweden and my body almost feels back to normal. It only took 4-5 years before I started feeling like myself again (this is sarcasm). I have written about many adventures I have in Sweden here. Or you can wander many of the trails I have taken on at Hiking in Sweden. These are informative and helpful articles that can be useful for your next outing!

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Dani hiking in Kil, Sweden with Salomon running shoes

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