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Why Hiking is Perfect for Social Distancing (Updated)

March 27, 2020

While the virus swarms country to country, many are told to begin self-isolating. Social distancing is mandatory in some countries and highly recommended to be practiced in others. In this article, I will explain why hiking is perfect for social distancing in these troubling times. You may be craving to travel again, but that’s not …


10 of the Best Known Hiking Trails in Sweden

March 17, 2020

A breeze picks up and brings more life to the open grassy area. One side is covered in towering mountains and the other side has lush forests that sway with the breeze. Hiking trails in Sweden nature is welcoming to hikers as long as they respect as they wander. If you decide to travel North …


6 Best Trails in Karlstad – The City in the Nature County

February 10, 2020

The trails are bustling with life once I make it to some of the best trails in Karlstad. The atmosphere engulfs me with happiness as people hike the paths. Nature is at the cusp of the city and several parks are within the area. Living as ‘the Swedes’ they are, nature is a necessity to …


Hiking Stockholm: A City Surrounded by Nature (Updated)

January 22, 2020

Stockholm is the big city capital of Sweden. It’s surprising, but hiking Stockholm is a common activity. There are several different hikes in and around the city. People have been living in the Stockholm area since after the ice age (that’s 8,000 B.C.)! My first visit to Sweden, I had learned that any of the …


Tiveden National Park- Hike the 9 Amazing Trails

January 11, 2020

It took us around 3 hours to drive to Tiveden National Park from our home in Värmland. We began our journey before the sun came up, so my hubby was on driving duty. I needed my sleep and once I sat in the passenger’s seat, I was out. Two hours passed and as the light …


Hiking Varmland in Sweden: 5 Worthwhile Hikes

January 1, 2020

  The sun radiated the land with a glow. Hiking Varmland left me feeling warm all the way down to my toes. Many people passed by with smiles and the flowers surrounding us were in bloom. This area engulfed us in the nature’s beauty. That’s when I realized I had fallen in love with hiking …


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Misfit Wanders

I´m a kooky girl that likes to travel. I grew up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA. Then moved to Northern California for about 5 years. But now, it's going on 5 years living in Sweden with my hubby and our furbabies, plus our little boy and my mom has joined our crew! Over the pandemic time, it has been hard to travel. Thus, my travel blog had been at a stand still. I started going to a University and I had a baby. Now I'm on a different kind of adventure. But my family and I plan on traveling when we can still. Traveling is something I cherish. New adventures is what keeps me moving, that and a stubbornness. I have a weird sense of humor if you haven´t figured that out from my posts. My writing can be perplexing, but I like to tell stories, and the best way is from my own experiences. So sit back and relax, as you take a spin through my hikes or enjoy following my footsteps as I wander in different countries! Most of my writings will be focused on hikes and the outdoors in Sweden.

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