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Now this trip was before all the fires that now have destroyed such a tranquil place at the Glacier National Park. It was my parents, their dog and I that went on a road trip and we contemplated on going to this wonderful National Park. Finally, it was decided and none of us would regret it. Without a doubt, the views were magical in every direction here.

Beauty took over the horizon as we drove closer. Especially the mountains, which were taking over our view and many of them had snowy tops. We made it through the gate, and our adventures began! As we drove through, the sound of water could be heard, and as we drove in deeper, the sound became thunderous. After driving for a bit, we pulled over to find a jaw dropping view of a gigantic waterfall. It felt as though we had been transported through time. To the land that knew nothing a man and society. 

glacier national park tips

The Views at Glacier National Park

It took us about two days to see as much as we could of the west and east glacier. One of the paths was closed, due to a snow avalanche. I guess here, that is usual around the end of May, which was the time we went on this road trip.

Our next obstacle was making it to the Canadian side. Glacier-Waterton National Park. Once we drove up to the border, we had to check in. The ranger asked if we had papers for certification of rabies for my parents’ dog, which we did’nt.

The border patrol lady looked at the tiny dog and said, “Well, he’s not foaming from the mouth, you guys can go on ahead.” From what I heard, they check people’s records to make sure they haven’t had a DUI, but they never checked us! I was allowed to come into Canada!

Glacier National Park Canadian Side

On the Canadian side, the breathtaking beauty had intensified. First off, the roads were well paved. Not like the zig-zag roller coaster drive in Montana. There was a historic hotel on top of a mountain that overlooked a lake. From a far, it looked as though it was from a fairy tale. This trip was filled with waterfalls and a peaceful atmosphere. 

I highly suggest visiting the Canadian side. There the beauty is unmatched. Plus, you’re engulfed by the nature there. So, there’s several hiking trails and an abundance of nature activities to take on. These are just some Glacier National Park tips that I have.

Glacier National Park Tips: Animals Come to Life

It was the beginning of the sun setting and many animals sprang to life. Wait for the sun to begin to go down and life will erupt from nature. High on a steep mountain, we could see mountain goats climbing. There were Rams that walked right passed us, and deer just pranced through the edge of a tourist town. In tall grass, we could see a moose far away, laying down. It’s most common to see wildlife when it was around time for the sun to set.

On our way out, my mother spotted something! Across the lake a brown bear was hunting for fish in the water. We pulled over to get a better look and another family was nice enough to let us take a closer look through their camera. It was amazing!

A Packed Full Nature Adventure

This is a place I’m definitely planning on going back to explore even more! The time spent there was not enough. If you enjoy nature, then this place is a must to see! Plus, in just two days, we saw a moose, mountain goats, deer, and a brown bear. That’s quite a lot in such a short time.


Go Here with These Glacier National Park Tips:

  • Bring a car here. It makes it much easier to see and venture to where you want. Plus, you’ll be able to see so much more!
  • Pack snacks for the trip
  • Bring water, water, and more water!
  • 5 days is a good amount of time here
  • Hike some of the wonderful trails
  • Book some of the activities ahead of time

There’s more Glacier National Park tips at Well Planned Journey. There, she goes into detail how many days and what to do there along with best times of the season. Check it out here.

Adventures in Sweden

If you like going on adventures then check out Adventure in Sweden. There, I have tons a activities in the nature filled country. One of my favorite spots is a Moose Park. There, you can feed and pet the king of the forest. It’s pretty magical among many other things you can do in wonderful Sweden.

Glacier National Park Tips: What you Need for Traveling

If you’re planning to travel to Glacier National Park, I suggest that you have good hiking boots that can handle getting wet, a water bottle, snacks, a rain jacket, a daypack, and sun screen.

Regarding travel, it’s best to have all the right things when traveling. You can find more about it here. Or if you’re interested on my experiences in other countries or want to learn more about other countries, check out travel.

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