Why Hiking is Perfect for Social Distancing (Updated)

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While the virus swarms country to country, many are told to begin self-isolating. Social distancing is mandatory in some countries and highly recommended to be practiced in others. In this article, I will explain why hiking is perfect for social distancing in these troubling times. You may be craving to travel again, but that’s not an option for everyone. But something that helps me keep my sanity is the outdoors. Make your own adventure and go on a hike in your backyard or in the closest place near you with nature.

Take the Less Traveled Trails

As each person endures this chaotic mess, many of us still have the option to venture in nature. To avoid other people and work on social distancing, it’s best to go to the less known paths or less frequented trails. While you hike the trail, there will be barely anyone on these kinds of trails. Therefore, hiking is perfect for social distancing. Once you’re in nature, you can feel your anxiety and stress lift off your shoulders. It’s one of my favorite things about hiking! Feel the fresh air on your face as you venture through a forest or near a lake.

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet!” ~ Stephen Hawking

Fladen Trail

Keep your Distance

If you see another person on your path, don’t forget distance yourself about 6 feet from the other person. You might have to wait near a tree, or off the path for them to pass. But this is essential and worth it. Don’t forget about your health and others. Many people have carried the virus without symptoms. So, it’s best to stay on the safe side. Hiking is perfect for social distancing, you can enjoy the outdoors while staying away from others.

Practice social distancing if you go anywhere, not just out in nature. Avoid brushing up against someone as you walk down an aisle at a grocery store or wait in a line at a bank. Several people are putting themselves through their own quarantine and don’t want to be near others. These times involve everyone, and all our actions matter. That’s why so many countries are having mandatory lockdown.

Tyresta National Park

Hiking is Perfect for Social Distancing

The reason that hiking is perfect for social distancing, is that people keep their distance when they have so much space out in nature. Especially if you’re on a trail with one or two others. The other hikers are not going to hike close enough to you to be breathing down your neck. That would just be creepy! A hiker has their own pace when hiking trails in the outdoors.

So, it has been common sense to give each other space as one another hikes. If you’re with a family member or a friend, don’t forget that they need their own space as well. It doesn’t have to be as drastic as with a stranger, but they still need you to practice social distancing with them to a degree.

Social Distancing

Don’t Share!

I know that you were probably taught at a young age to share. But as the spreading of the virus keeps happening, it’s mandatory NOT to share your belongings with another. Don’t forget, no sharing water bottles! That’s an easy way to spread the virus, even if you feel you don’t have it. So, on a hike, make sure you have everything that you want. Water bottle is needed for sure, maybe a daypack, rain jacket, first aid kit, and a snack.

Lake in Sunne
Frykken Lake

Safety Etiquette

Make sure you have a first aid kit with you. Maybe you’re on a short hike, but with all the hospitals filled with infected patients, it’s best to stay prepared for the unexpected. If you can, go on a hike with a buddy or a family member. That way, you can help one another if the unthinkable happens. A water bottle is a must as you venture into the woods or on a trail, especially if you’re planning an hour or so long hike. Since many countries are dealing with this chaos differently, you need to stay on top of your actions. Hiking is perfect for social distancing and this helps you take care of yourself and help others at the same time.

Nature’s Health Benefits

As I said before, being outdoors helps with stress and anxiety. So, hiking is perfect for social distancing and it helps with your health also! Wandering on a trail is a great way to take a step away from the pandemic spreading throughout the world. Being in sunshine gives you vitamin D, which our bodies need. This vitamin triggers our insides and gives us a happy mood. Plus, it helps boost your immunity. Along with vitamin D, the plants and trees give off health boosters as we breathe in the air surrounding them.

Hiking is perfect for social distancing, but as you hike, don’t forget to have respect for the nature and animals. When you avoid a person on your hike, be aware of where you stand and watch out for crushing a little critter. Enjoy every moment you have outdoors. Not everyone is lucky to have the option to go into nature right now.


Walk Safely in a City

If you’re not as lucky to be able to go and venture on a hike in the outdoors. Do the next best thing! Go on a hike in your neighborhood or city block. This is the time that social distancing definitely needs to be practiced. Some streets may be narrow, but if you see someone that’s also down that same tiny sidewalk, check the street and walk in it if you can. Or go down a connecting road and change your route. Easy peasy! While you walk down here, enjoy the fresh air you have, before the time comes for isolation again. But don’t worry, there’s always tomorrow. This will come to an end, so stay hopeful!

“While there’s life, there is hope!” ~ Stephen Hawking

If you want to see some nice hikes within Sweden, check out Hiking in Varmland. Most of these trails are less traveled. Or check out Hiking in Stockholm if you’re stuck in the city. There are hikes really near the city life.

If you’re not sure where to begin with hiking in Sweden or the rules to follow, check out Hiking in Sweden. There, I break it down and explain the dos and don’ts  while wandering in the nature.

Hiking Sweden

Learn more about the virus at: WHO (World Health Organization)

Hiking and keeping social distancing

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