The Best Things to Do in Tyresta National Park

The sunny peaked through the sky as we ventured to Tyresta National Park in Sweden. The days had been cloudy and filled with a lingering chill. But today warms me to my bones and my hubby and I decide to drive to the beautiful National Park. Parking was filled to the brim with cars. I guess we weren’t the only ones thinking it was a good idea. The area was crammed with people walking to and fro. Finally, a spot opened, and we started our journey to the Park that’s the getaway place from the bustling city of Stockholm.

A wooden building waited for us at the entrance with its welcoming strong doors. It was a little gift/information shop. Since we had our doggie with us, I waited outside and my hubby went in. As he came out, he had a furrowed brow. They had maps inside, but they weren’t free. A wooden sign was next to us with a map, so I used my handy dandy phone and took a photo so we had it.

Tyresta National Park Map
Tyresta National Park Map

The ancient trees loomed above us as we descended into the forestry area. We crept away from the herds of people and took the less used path which surrounded us in nature even more. Roots poked out of the ground and the path at times wasn’t much than a tiny hidden trail. The fresh air blowing against my cheek helped my anxiety ease. I felt more relaxed once we were far away from the crowded baby stroller path.

About Tyresta National Park

This wonderful getaway from the busy Stockholm is only 20km (12.4 mi.) away. You can easily take the bus or drive a car to this nice lush national park. For the southern part of Sweden, it has one of the biggest areas filled with ancient forests. Moss covers much of the ground in Swedish forests and here, there are stones, thick roots, and knotted trees bending back and forth in places. There are around 55km (34.2 mi.) of walking trails in Tyresta National Park and the Tyresta Nature Reserve, which encircles it.

An ice age played a part with creating the smooth rocks in this park. Besides that, the nature within this National Park varies with its thick forests of pines, dark spruce, glistening lakes, berries, and mushrooms. Since the nature here has been living for so long, its inhabitants are a wide array of species. Some of the pine has lived for over 400 years! In this magical place, it’s even possible to see roe deer standing as still as the trees in the forests. Or maybe while you’re visiting you’ll get to hear the rumbling and grunting of wild boars. But be careful with wildlife, this is their home and they ARE wild. Don’t try to touch them, watch from a far.

Tyresta National Park
Farm in Tyresta

How to Get Tyresta National Park

It’s pretty easy to make your way to Tyresta National Park. You can either drive or take the bus. There is the main entrance (Tyresta Village), Nyfors entrance, Brakmaren entrance, and Stensjödal entrance. Below is how you get to the main entrance.

Main Entrance (Tyresta Village)

If you take the transportation system, first you’ll take T-Bana from Stockholm Central station. Then switch to bus 807 or 809 to Svartbäcken. You’ll have to change again at Söderbyleden or Brandbergen center and get on the bus 834 to Tyresta by (the word by means village in Swedish). Google maps can be your friend when you’re taking the transit systems. This brings you near the main entrance.

Or you can take Pendaltåg linje 43 (Västerhaninge station) which is a 3-minute walk away from the central station. Take a southwest walk on Klarabergsviadukten and that will bring you to the Västerhaninge station. You get off on Handen station and walk to Haninge centrum (Haninge center) that’s about 5 minutes away. Walk east and take the pedestrian tunnel, a slight left onto Poseidons Torg, and then take another pedestrian tunnel to Haninge centrum. Take bus 834 and get off on Tyresta by. Then it’s just a one-minute walk from there, you can’t miss it! This will take you to the main entrance!

If you plan on driving, there’s a google map below that shows you the way! Take route 73 from Stockholm towards Nynäshamn, exit at Brandbergen, and then follow the signs for the National Park. There’s parking right at the front of the main entrance.

To learn more about directions to the other entrances, check out National Parks of Sweden.

Things Offered in Tyresta National Park

There are cafes that are pretty near the park. Within Tyresta, there are bon fire areas and camping grounds that you can use if you’re thinking about staying for 2 nights in the wilderness. The maximum you’re allowed to camp out is 2 nights. Since this is a National Park, you can only camp in the designated areas. Check on the map or ask a worker at the Naturum (visitor center).

Tyresta Naturum
Naturum Center

At the beginning of the National Park, you’ll find the Naturum (visitor center) where you can buy a map of the park or check out the exhibition about Sweden National Parks. You can find information about tours that are offered in the park here as well. Tyresta Village has a café, so you can have a meal when you’re exhausted from a full day of hiking the trails. It’s common for there to be a fire ban during Summertime. So, stay updated on the weather and if there’s a fire ban going on.

If you want more info. on camping in Tyresta, check out Tyresta’s website.

Stomp Down the Hiking Trails in Tyresta National Park

There are several different entrances to the park and each one offers different kinds of trails to take on. The main entrance has multiple trails which vary in length. As the sun’s rays pelted down onto the ground, my hubby, dog, and I began our journey at the main entrance with what felt like herds of people. The great weather brought many of the city people to the park, thus, it became crowded. So, we were lucky that many of the trails connect, making it easy to switch the trail we were on to avoid all the people.

Tyresta National Park
Signs for different trails

Main Entrance: Tyresta Village

This is Tyresta’s main entrance and one of the first things you will see is the nature center Naturum. This area is where Tyresta Village resides as well. In this village there is a café and a farm where families can enjoy meeting farm animals. Wander around here and take in the singing birds in the bird tower or hike the trails for children in this area. Wheelchairs or strollers are able to wander around this area with no problem! This village is the beginning of several trails. Public transportation is offered here.

Urskogstigen Trail

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 2.5km (1.5 mi.) – Duration: 30 min-1 hr. One way

As you venture this trail, you’ll notice the red markings that let you know what trail you’re on. Roots overtake the short path as it becomes hilly. But it’s not too difficult and it’s a great first path to take on to wander into the ancient forest. There have been man made bridges that are spread out on the path where it becomes a muddy mess in the fall/springtime. This was one of the paths we took to venture into the forest even more. The sign below is the marking they use on this trail.

Urskogsstigen Trail
Urskogsstigen Trail

Barnvagnsslingan Loop (The Stroller Loop)

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 5 km (3.1 mi.)- Duration: Approx. 2-3 hours Round trip

The murmur of voices carried on the wind as we began our hike on the nicely paved path. Children laughed as they sprang around with their mother pushing a modern stroller. Many families were gathered on this path since it was so easy to have a baby stroller on. That’s why the trail is called Barnvagnsslingan, the stroller loop.

This is a great trail for wheelchairs as well! Most of this trail is relatively flat with some steep parts. As well as being on nice ground, the trail is well marked with colors on the trees and signs to let you know which direction other trails are in. The stunning lake makes it worth checking this route out, and you can even hike some of the other trails and come back to this one since they connect. On this trail, they use signs that are of a person pushing a stroller. That lets you know you’re on the right path!

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Hällmarksslingan Loop

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 5km (3.1 mi.) – Duration: 1-2 hours Round trip

At times, the ground is a gigantic boulder that’s easy to walk on. Some stones are towered high above each other and some say, the trolls put them there. This trail doesn’t stay flat for very long but it stays relatively easy. Yellow diamond markings represent this trail. As you wander this path, you’ll find a nice place for a fire and a resting place at Bylslätt. Be engulfed by the pine trees and tall mounds of stones as you journey this wonderful trail!

Tyresta National Park Trail
Hällmarksslingan Trail

Bylsjöslingan Loop

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 6km (3.7 mi.)– Duration: 2 hours Round trip

This trail has green-white diamond markings on the trees and this is one of the oldest trails within Tyresta National Park. When it’s rainy season, this path can get wet. So, rubber boots or waterproof boots are highly recommended. Take in the glistening of Bylsjön lake as you follow the trail next to it. As you do that, it will feel as though you’ve been thrown into a fantasy. Hear the crunch of each step in this old ancient forest.

A gasp left me as I took in the beauty of the area. I could imagine trolls hiding in the forest covered in moss. Only the trained eye could spot them out since trolls know how to blend in so well. On this path we journeyed through the Ungfars marsh and Sävkärrs bog.

Sörmslandleden trail, Section 3

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 13km (8 mi.) – Duration: 6 hours One way

This trail is Section 3- Tyresta Village of a huge trail that’s 1,000km (621.4 mi.) long! If you decide to do a part of it, most of the sections usually have a way for you to loop it. Follow the red ribbon markings to stay on this trail as you wander in Tyresta. You can hike this trail all the way to Nyfors and take public transportation there. On this hike, you’ll get to take in the beautiful lakes Bylsjön and Årsjön. In this area there’s a fire and resting spot. This is considered moderate because of its length. But it’s similar to many of the other paths with it being hilly in areas. Enjoy the old spruce forest or the pine forest.

On Tyresta National Park
Sörmlandsleden Section Trail

Lake Circuit

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 14km (8.7 mi.)– Duration: 6 hours Round trip

This is one of the more popular hikes in Tyresta since it goes near Årsjön lake and Stensjön lake. This trail is actually a mix of several trails. First, hike on Barnvagnsslingan loop to Bylsjön lake, and go onto Sörmlandsleden trail. Once you make it to Stensjön lake, it’s time to head back to Tyresta Village. On this trail you can enjoy many of the trails in one! The breeze picked up and with it, the sound of chirping birds. What a beautiful day for a hike!

tyresta Lake
Lake view from Trail

Nyfors Entrance Tyresta National Park

This area is in the northern part of the nature reserve and it’s a historic place. Some of the activities that are popular here are ice skating, paddling, and fishing. High above are cliffs that make the view of the lake even better. There’s public transportation from this entrance. You can start a trail from another area in Tyresta and if you finish here, you can use the transport connection.

Sörmslandleden trail, Section 3

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 13km (8 mi.)– Duration: 6 hours One way

At the beginning of this trail, you’ll be hiking in a young forest. But after about 3km (1.9 mi.), it changes to a natural water spring that goes to the border of the National Park. On this path, there’s the two lakes Årsjön and Bylsjön, and many kinds of forests to journey through. Be wary not to trip. Many tough roots pop up on the trail from the older trees. You can take this trail to Tyresta Village and hop onto the public transport they have there, or set out on other trails.

Pilgrimsleden trail

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 11.5km (7.1 mi.)– Duration: 4-6 hours One way

This trail in total is over 100km (62.1 mi.)! There are several long trails that go through Sweden, and this was a trail that was used for about 500 years since pilgrims were banned by King Gustav Vasa in 1527. Rickety wagons held their lives as they would take their steps to find a new home on this path.

As you hike this trail, you’re in for a treat! It goes within Tyresta Nature reserve and will take you to Tyresö Church, a stunning building from the 17th century. Be wary though, the path zig zags at times and becomes filled with roots popping out of the ground. But it’s a great hike if you love nature and historic buildings!

Tyresta National Park
Tyresta National Park Trail

Brakmaren Entrance in Tyresta National Park

The glistening lake leaves me breathless. It bustles with life as we hike some of the trails. This northern entrance of Tyresö has some scenic views and there is parking near. Fill your love for nature with hiking to the Långsjön lake. There’s the Hammarberget Nature Reserve that is near this entrance if you want to wander into more wonderful nature.

Storskogsslingan trail

Difficulty: Easy – Distance: 8km (5 mi.)– Duration: 2-3 hours One way

The crackling of a fire echoes as a gust of wind picks up. We walk towards the Långsjön lake and see the fire area with wooden benches. The path is relatively easy worn in roads to forest trails. You get to enjoy two lakes, Långsjön and Stensjön as you wander this trail. Take in the wonderful old trees where some of them show the weariness within their bark that happens over time. On this trail in Tyresta, there are green markings.

Tyresta Lake

Kustleden trail

Difficulty: Moderate – Distance: 13km (8 mi.)– Duration: 6 hours One way

A sweet pleasant smell wafted in the air. It was time for orchids to be in bloom! The colors were vibrant and peaked out at the shoreline meadow. When walking this path, it brings you to Vissvass village. While you’re on here, you’ll see that there is a resting and fire area at Luraström channel and Lillaströms swamp. After that, the trail will bring you to the beautiful orchids (if it’s the right season) that’s near Åvaviken Bay. In the view towards Styvnäset, you’ll see Stockholm’s Archipelago, a beautiful cluster of islands.

Stockholm archipelago boat tour
Stockholm archipelago

This trail uses orange markings and once you make it to Styvnäset, there is a fire and resting place. There’s even an outdoor toilet and fresh water! Take a dip in the Baltic Sea if you’re feeling brave. Or, if you keep journeying to Dalarö, you’ll find lodging, food, and transportation.

Stensjödal Entrance in Tyresta National Park

Large groups come out of a company bus one by one, cameras in hand. With the sun shining and a nice warm breeze, it was a great day to take some photos. At this entrance, you’ll get to see the Lanan lake and there’s a camping area that’s near as well. There’s a large parking area at this entrance where many charter buses use along with the public.

Tyresta National Park

Fornborgsslingan Loop

Difficulty: Difficult – Distance: 6km (3.7 mi.)– Duration: 2 hours Round trip

This trail is marked with green and white markings on the trees. There are parts of this trail that are demanding and steep. The trail goes through an area of the forest that had a fire in 1999. Which gives you a piece of history that there once was a fortress but now it’s diminished remains. At this spot, there’s a wonderful view overlooking Stensjön lake. Resting and fire places are at the lakes Lanan and Stensjön. If you need fresh water or want to use an outdoor toilet, you can find those at the Stensjödal tenting area.

Stockholm Hiking

Since you’re in Stockholm, you might think that there are no hiking trails near. But there are actually a lot! Check out Hiking Stockholm to learn more about other hiking trails in the area! Swedes love the outdoors and you can tell with all the nature they have and how they care for it. Be like a swede and venture out into the wilderness on the beautiful trails.

Hiking Stockholm
Hiking Stockholm

Tours in and Near Stockholm

There are all kinds of tours that you can try out after you’re done visiting Tyresta National Park. There are boat tours, kayak tours, and a wildlife safari. Check out about the tours on GetYourGuide.

There are all kinds of adventures to do and other National Parks to see! Check out Adventures in Sweden to find out about other things you can do. Or, you can learn more about Tiveden National Park. It’s a beautiful untouched area.

Adventures in Sweden

If you have some time to spare, learn about some of the great outdoor activities and things you can do in wonderful Sweden. Check out Adventures in Sweden to learn about what you can do in the wilderness. There’s a Moose Park you can visit, or learn about the wonderful Gothenburg Botanical Garden. Find out about all the activities here!

Celebrating Midsommar

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Tyresta National Park
Tyresta National Park
Tyresta National Park

If you want to find other information on hikes, check out Top 100 Hiking Blogs.

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