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Now, you may wonder, what to do in Sweden during winter? A white blanket engulfs the ground leaving a glittering brightness. Even without much light during the days, a light is brought from the snow. My nose tickles from the falling snowflakes and a chill takes hold of me. Winter and me have a love hate relationship. Since my bad car accident, the cold has a pull on my whole body, putting a thrumming pain throughout it at times. Besides that, winter has a plethora of things to do, and if you’re like a swede, winter activities are your favorite!

Take in the air with a cold bite, the peaceful landscapes, and the possibilities endless. As someone deeply in love with exploring this beautiful country, I’m excited to share some of the favorite activities for this country during the snowy season. Get ready and put on the warmest coat and mittens as we dive into the enchanting world of Swedish winter wonders.

A Northern Lights Extravaganza

Sweden’s northern regions, like Kiruna and Abisko national park, are where the magic begins. Abisko even has a base specifically to see the northern lights and in this area, there are other activities you can do while enjoying the northern lights. Imagine standing under a starry Arctic sky as the northern lights perform their mesmerizing dance. The mystic hues of green, pink, and purple swirling above are nothing short of enchanting. It’s a celestial show that’s best enjoyed during the long winter nights, so make sure to add it to your bucket list.

This is a great thing to do in Sweden during winter and experiencing this will open your eyes to another world in the sky. When I saw the northern lights for the first time, I was blown away by its beauty. The whole sky seemed to light up as the lights danced to and fro. They had their own music and story that they played out in dance. My breathing slowed and my heart raced at these magical lights in the night sky.

Husky Sledding Adventures

Next, let’s head to the far north for a thrilling dog sledding adventure. Picture the soft sound of paws against the snow, your face kissed by the chill breeze, and the sheer exhilaration of being pulled by a team of eager huskies. The Swedish Lapland, with its vast white wilderness, is a perfect setting for this unforgettable experience. Besides that, taking on this adventure in northern Sweden during wintertime gives you more of a chance to see the northern lights!

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Ice Hotel Magic

ice hotel

Yet another thing to do in Sweden is go far north to see a wonderful sight. The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is a intricate masterpiece carved from ice and snow. Since snow melts, this creation is recreated a bit different every year. Spending a night in this icy wonderland is like stepping into a fairy tale. The unique rooms and suites, all meticulously designed, transport you to an otherworldly realm, and the experience is incredibly cozy despite the sub-zero temperatures. It’s similar to that of igloos when you think about it. So, inside it isn’t as cold as you would think.

My eyes wondered throughout the hall as we ventured into this mystic castle like ice structure. Chills crept up my spine and it wasn’t from the cold. The beauty of the artwork was magical and brought me to another time, another realm of a world of snow. Creatures stayed hidden behind hidden doors in the walls and scampered around as I walked around mystified by such detail in everything. Reality hit and now we’re waiting at the front desk. What a place!

Winter Wonderland Skiing

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, Sweden has a variety of incredible skiing experiences waiting for you! These are just one of many things to do in Sweden during winter. Are slopes your calling like they are for many swedes? Then Åre in Jämtland is a skiing paradise. It has slopes for all different levels, and the views are breathtaking. Feel the rush as you conquer these pristine slopes and then later warm up with a tasty drink from the warm and friendly staff that take care of the place. Plus, while venturing in Sweden, wander to any of the other slopes for a whole different experience. If skiing is your thing, then check out The Ultimate Spots.

Swedish Fika: Coffee and Pastries

Since winter adventures can make even your core feel cold, it’s good to warm up with a brewed coffee or tea. With that in mind, swedes have mastered the art of “Fika” – a cozy coffee break. Indulge in freshly brewed coffee and a mix of pastries at a local café. Or enjoy a tasty sandwich while chatting away with friends and family. Fika is considered more than a break; it’s a cultural experience and a chance to warm up your spirit. This is something you won’t want to miss as a thing to do in Sweden during winter.

Lapland Sami Culture

Fully jump into the Sami culture by visiting Jokkmokk, where the annual winter market is a 3 day cultural feast. Sami music, dance, crafts, and the chance to learn about their way of life make this a truly unique experience. Besides that, during the winter market, they have a lot of events happening. Like reindeer racing, concerts, and appetizing treats and food. This is one of the best things to do in Sweden during winter since you get to experience the culture and outdoor adventures combined.

Meeting the Winter Wildlife

As the snow covers the landscape, Sweden’s wildlife comes to life. In Ekshärad that’s in the Värmland region, you can learn and see moose at this unforgettable Värmland Moose Park. While venturing here, be sure to keep on high alert for deer, foxes, and other wild animals roaming in the nature. If you’re interested in learning more about the animals in Sweden, then read the 9 Best Animals to See in Sweden Wildlife.

Kid-Friendly Winter Fun

What to do in Sweden in winter with the whole family? During winter, there’s a variety of kid-friendly activities. Turn into a kid while you build snowmen and have snowball fights with your little ones. Or you can show your kiddos how it’s done when it comes to ice skating on frozen lakes. Some regions even offer reindeer sledding, an experience that’ll capture their imaginations.

The cold made it right to my bones. But since this was my son’s first winter, I wouldn’t give in to the cold. The laughter of the kids playing echoed in the air as we walked closer to our friends. They had built a snow fort and now the kids were gleefully sliding down it and even playing inside. The bonfire close by crackled to life and many of the parents huddled around it to feel their fingers once again. But it seemed that the cold didn’t bother the little ones as they chased each other around and threw tiny snowballs.

A Snowy Conclusion

Sweden’s winter wonderland is more than just a destination; it’s a one of a kind experience. With that in mind, be ready to take on the things to do in Sweden in winter. As I’ve discovered, this magical season in Sweden is truly something to cherish.


Adventures in Sweden

The Scandinavian has all sorts of adventures to give, you just need to know the right place to look. Check out Adventures in Sweden page to get some tips and guides on some of the best experiences you can have in Sweden. The activities that I mention are from throughout the different seasons. Some, even are more for a taste of the culture than an activity.

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what to do in Sweden during winter
what to do in Sweden during winter

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